Beta Testing Drone Apps is Awesome!!

As you already know we’re always on the lookout for great iOS applications. Generally speaking, these applications are for you to enjoy solely on your iOS device. For the past month or so, we’ve been beta testing updates for an application currently available in the App Store which allows iOS devices to program how a drone captures amazing videos and photos.

Although we don’t have a full review available for Autopilot by Auto Flight Logic, we do have some videos for you to enjoy. Each video uses some of the amazing features currently available in Autopilot.

We plan on using Autopilot a lot more as we continue using our DJI Phantom 3 Pro. Those of you interested in purchasing the equipment we’re using can head over to Amazon and grab this bundle, which is exactly what we bought.

Please make sure to register your equipment with the FAA here and download this application to use prior to each and every flight to ensure you’re operating responsibly as well as legally. Although the application doesn’t have the telephone numbers you’ll need to report a flight, at least you have a starting point for what airports you need to get in touch with prior to flying if a notice is required.

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