Best of the Best: Terrapin Wallet Case Review for iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus

This Terrapin Apple iPhone 6 Plus & 6S Plus Leather Case is the perfect solution for those with a need to reduce the amount they carry in their pockets.

I am by no means a minimalist. In fact, I’m just the opposite. I am into the concept of EDC (Every Day Carry).   I watch tons of videos on YouTube on what others carry with them everyday and I am constantly adding to what I need to carry with me. From pocketknives to flashlights, I got it all covered. But, my wallet and my phone should have merged from the start.

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I had a Outterbox Defender for my iPhone 6+ because I have been one of those people that has cracked their screens. Luckily I have had Apple to fix it, but I vowed never to let this happen again.

People would laugh at how huge my case was, and after months of hearing it on a semi-regular basis, I decided to do something about it. I read tons of reviews on Amazon until I settled for a nice Casemate case that made my phone supper slim, but offered enough security that I was content.

Truth is, while looking for a case, I secretly wanted a wallet case. I had one when I had my Samsung Note 3, but couldn’t find one that I liked for the iPhone 6 +. I was afraid that I would go right back to a huge case and get laughed at again.

Now Available for iPhone 7 on the UK Amazon Site

Then along comes this case and it changed everything. The Terrapin Genuine Leather Wallet case made me realize that I could have a slim profiled case and a wallet all in one (also available in the UK). Not only that, but it would look more stylish then even my Casemate case.

I’ve carried every phone that I’ve ever owned in a case. And I switch out cases a lot. I just end up bored with what I have after a couple of months of regular use and instead of getting a new phone, a new case can change everything in a snap.

The Terrapin Wallet is the perfect case for someone that doesn’t want to carry their wallet with them, or is like me who often forgets to bring their wallet and has to pat my pockets before leaving the house to make sure I have everything.

When I first got this case I seriously thought it cost $60+. The stitching on this case is top notch. The leather that they use for the case is so soft you’ll want to touch it all the time. It is very elegant and slim even when full. There are three card slots (I wish there was one more with a cut out to see a Driver’s License). It also features a generous slot for carrying paper money (remember that stuff) if you fold the bills in half and you’re not working the stripper poll with tons of singles.

The magnet that holds it all together is very strong and won’t bust open leaving your cards falling onto the floor of that sticky movie theater that gives your shoes enough adhesive to climb Sears Tower. Not that this has ever happened with my previous wallet cases (ok, maybe just twice.)


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Wallet cases used to seem so impractical because every time you received a call you’d have to hold your wallet out for everyone to see, but the world has changed with technology. How often are you just standing there talking on the phone without a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth in your car? I don’t do it often enough anymore that this is even an issue anymore.

It’s nice to be able to look down at your phone when you get a text message, but that’s why I have an Apple Watch. In fact, this is almost a security feature that nobody even thought of… you need to open it up to see notifications and this makes it even more private. Who’s going to go through your wallet to read your ESPN notification? The people that do that are what I use to call on the streets, criminals.

And, even my Outterbox wouldn’t protect the face of my phone as good as this case or almost any wallet case for that matter.

In short, this is my new EDC case for my iPhone 6+ because it has multiple features that the average case doesn’t have with the sleek styling of a premium case triple the price.

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