Bendgate Explained Perfectly [News]

If you’ve been paying attention to the release of the iPhone 6, there’s been a lot of press surrounding it. Millions of people purchased a iPhone 6 model last weekend and most people are raving about it. There’s even reports of quite a few Android users either switching or making their way back to the iPhone with this most recent update. It hasn’t been all great news though since there’s been a few bumps in the road recently.

Bendgate exploded on social media over the past few days with some iPhone 6 Plus owners noticing a slight bend in the body of their phone. With such a thin body, it makes sense there’s a possibility of it bending slightly in certain situations, especially given the newer “bigger than bigger” sizes. I’ve been reading a lot of information on bendgate over the last few days and Marquees Brownlee, like always, provides a great discussion on how and why this is happening on the iPhone 6 Plus. If you’re a tech fan, you’ve probably already heard of him. If this is the first time you’ve been exposed to Marquess, you should probably follow him on your favorite social media accounts. He provides a ton of great information for us tech nerds for many different tech products. Check out his video below to get a better perspective on bendgate and learn how Apple could’ve avoided this phenomenon.

Unfortunately bendgate wasn’t the only negative press the iPhone 6 received over the past few days. Just the other day Apple released an update for their newest iOS, and let’s just say things didn’t go so smoothly for iPhone 6 users who decided to update. Numerous people started reporting the Touch Id wasn’t working properly and after that, users started losing cell service. Apple eventually pulled the update and began feverishly working on correcting the problems. Hopefully we will see an update for iOS 8 by early next week, if not sooner.

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