Being In The Loop Never Seemed Easier [App Review]

If you’ve been following “the Critic” over the last six months, you know the two things I find most important for my iOS applications: functionality and ease of use. These same principals hold true for my OS X applications too. If you’re a heavy Gmail user, I’ve found the exact application you need if you miss the old Google Notifier app for OS X. Gmail Notifier Pro is available in the OS X App Store for only $0.99 and gives you back what you’ve been missing from Google Notifier. I cannot say enough great things about this simple little addition to your OS X menu bar. Setup is lightning fast and you’ll be connected to all your Gmail accounts in literally seconds, not minutes.

There’s some really awesome things I like about this application. Once you’ve setup your account information, you can go directly to your emails inbox online right from the application with tremendous ease. Compose an email, jump through all your inboxes with unbelievable quickness with Gmail Notifier Pro. Functionality with Gmail Notifier Pro is apparent once you start interacting with the application. With the message count visible in your menubar, it’s reminiscent of the message count we see on our iOS devices, so it’s familiar and functional while keeping you informed. Having quick access to your Gmail account on your computer serves a great function so you’re never out of touch with any of your Gmail accounts.


  • Fast and lightweight
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Mail notifications with discret sound
  • Secured (passwords stored in the keychain, and SSL connections)
  • Open your inbox and emails in your default browser.
  • Mark as read and delete directly from the application

*If you are using the google double authentification, you need to generate an application specific password on your google account:

I’ve got to be honest, I’m not a big Gmail user at all but I do have a few accounts I use sparingly. If Gmail happened to be my go to email service provider, Gmail Notifier Pro would be my go to application to keep all my accounts organized and accessible in one central location. Time is of the essence for a lot of us and this $0.99 OS X application will save you time while sacrificing absolutely zero functionality and only adds greater ease when interacting with all your accounts. If anything, Gmail Notifier Pro will bring you closer to your Gmail accounts since you’re able to interact with them quickly and securely.

If Gmail is your email, you must download this now!
(5 / 5)

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