Become the Monkey King in ‘Monkey King Escape’ [New Game]

Monkey-King-Escape-IconOne of the most famous characters in Chinese literature is now in the App Store thanks to developers over at Ubisoft. The legendary immortal Monkey King, once a protector of the monk Sanzang, is the main character in a brand-new running game on your mobile devices called Monkey King Escape.

Monkey King Escape takes place in the mythical world from the Chinese novel Journey to the West. You’ll enjoy the traditional art from the fabled classic while you’re sucked into the Monkey Kings World.

Run, fly, dash and jump through colorful environments, transform into animals to supercharge your abilities and fight enemies and bosses in quick time combat sequences. Connect with friends via Facebook to send stamina or compete against one another for the highest score.

For a very limited time you can take advantage of two special in-game powers to celebrate the Year of the Sheep. By using one of these powers, you’ll decrease your speed when you transform into the Sheep. This allows you to avoid obstacles while collecting more coins. You’re also able to increase your running distance by performing the Lion dance with this lucky animal.Monkey-King-Escape-screenshot-iPhone-6-Plus


  • Become the Monkey King and learn his amazing powers.
  • Run, jump, slide, fly and dash your way through Heaven!
  • Defeat epic bosses in exciting one on one fights.
  • Transform into animals to wield their special powers!
  • Enjoy beautiful and colorful HD graphics.
  • Unlock 4 additional playable characters.
  • Collect boosts and power-ups.
  • Help your friends, or compete against them for the high score!

Monkey King Escape is available for free in the App Store on iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases available to enhance your experience.

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