Become A Racing Legend With PvP Mode in ‘Trials Frontier’ [News]

TF_PvP-icon_iOS_1418308464Ubisoft, makers of Assassins Creed and Just Dance, and RedLynx Studio just announced Trials Frontier, one of the best games of the year on the App Store, will now allow players to directly compete against each other in a brand new PvP mode.

The ever mysterious Zudina has risen from her underground bunker where she organizes showdowns that allow players to compete in month long seasons to reach the highest rank. You’ll face-off on three tracks in all-or-nothing matches where restarts aren’t permitted. Receive prizes after each match that you can use in the Chip Store to unlock unique tracks, outfits and other special items you might like.


PvP mode is the largest in-game update you’ve ever witnessed for Trials Frontier. This is the first time a true competitive PvP has ever come to the Trials Universe. Lead Designer Justin Swan discussed how they’ve worked diligently creating a PvP mode where players race each other asynchronously while also keeping the competitive Trials spirit alive. He’s inviting all players to fight for their spot on the Legends Leaderboard for fame, glory and in-game winnings.

If you’re one of the best drivers, you have a shot at making an appearance on the Legends Leaderboard, so get your bike in gear and get ready for a showdown cause this is how legends are born!

Trials Frontier is available for free in the App Store on you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It does offer in-app purchases to enhance your experience.

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