‘Beats Electronics’ Video Featuring Siri and Beats Pill Mascots May Offer Some Foreshadowing [News]

Although we may never know exactly why Apple decided to buy Beats By Dr. Dre for 3 billion dollars, we do have the first video of the two companies poking fun of the acquisition—or does it have some secret undertones. In a short fun video, Tina & Mikey discuss how Apple has acquired the company and they should go celebrate. The glorious Siri voice informs them from above how Dr. Dre is having a party to celebrate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem the Beats mascots were invited since neither knew the party was taking place and Siri informs them the party is invite only. Shortly thereafter, Mikey asks for directions anyway, but Siri’s classic response of “Sorry, I didn’t get that” is given. Is this a subtle hint that things are a changing? Only time will tell, but Siri almost seems to suggest she’s going to the party, but goofed up by letting the Beats Pill mascots in on the secret party.

Is this a bit of an overstretch? Absolutely! With all media coverage surrounding this acquisition, someone is bound to say this is what the video is suggesting. Just enjoy this nugget of information that’s been offered up to us and move on. People worry and suggest some crazy things; don’t buy into the hype.

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