‘Battle for the Throne’ Hits North America [New Game]

NHN Entertainement Corp., game developer better known for their online game portal site HANGAME, and their mobile publisher TOAST, are all set to release Battle for the Throne  for both Android and iOS devices across North America. Battle for the Throne is a grand fantasy strategy war game from TOAST.

With a kingdom under siege by the Devan Empire, your task is to take control of scattered armies and take their place as Lord to avoid annihilation.

Battle_for_the_Throne_iPhoneThe great thing about Battle for the Throne is how it combines engaging elements of social war gaming, card battling games, and strategic city creation. Put all these together and you’ve get one stunning animated package. Battle for the Throne, with its strategic kingdom building gameplay, has been ranked the #1 free downloaded game on the T-Store in Korea. You’re able to collect and upgrade tons of heroes and compete with thousands of players in real-time.

Take advantage of a pre-registration opportunity for the iOS version of Battle for the Throne where you’ll receive seven Premium Tickets, one Epic and one Legend Tier hero card that you can use on launch day. Android users already enjoying Battle for the Throne can take part in the event with the Free Runes Coupon Code: SHOWMETHEMONEY.

More information is available on the Battle for the Throne Facebook page.

Key Features:

  • Conquer and colonize the worldwide map to gain resources and strengthen your empire
  • Build and collect over 50 heroes and manage your kingdom’s resources to lead forces into battle
  • Play with friends to form huge legions with real players and challenge powerful Raid Bosses as a team
  • Engage in PVP battles and siege enemy players’ strongholds to plunder their coveted resources
  • Upgrade and strengthen heroes by finding rare weapons and build a capital city into an impregnable fortress
  • HD Graphics featuring gorgeous artwork and backgrounds showcased in intense and epic battles
  • Strategize and chat with other legion members in real-time using the in-game chat feature
  • Earn medals by completing Raids and PVP battles to showcase your strength
  • Capture Enemy Heroes
    and convince them to join your side in an exciting tug of war between heroes, legions, and empires!

Only one can sit on the throne! Will it be you?

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