Back to School in iOS Style [App Bundle]

Heading back to school is never really that much fun. Even though summer has to come to an end and you have to head back to school, at least you have your iOS devices to lean on to make the process a little bit easier. If you haven’t been using these devices in the classroom, you’re really missing out on some great applications that’ll make school life a little bit easier.

EvernoteIconIf you haven’t experienced Evernote yet, you’re in for a real treat. It’s the one stop app to store damn near everything you can think of! Got a great idea and want to jot it down before you forget, open Evernote and put your thoughts to iOS paper. Now everything syncs across all your iOS devices, as long as you have Evernote on all your other devices and you’re logged into your account. You can even snap photos in Evernote and add these photos to notes you’ve created to connect ideas or to show a completed product from a note you previously created. The amount of things you can do with Evernote is seemingly endless. When you put Evernote to work for you and your school work, you’ll be amazed. If you’ve already downloaded Evernote and haven’t put it to work for you yet, start this school year off right by putting this amazing application to work for you in the classroom. Evernote is free or you can signup for a yearly subscription for more options. Don’t forget to download Evernote for your PC or Mac so you can start or continue working on projects.


myHomeworkIconKeep track of all your schoolwork with myHomework Student Planner. Easily input upcoming tests, projects, and lesson plans to ensure you stay on track this school year. myHomework will even remind you when upcoming items are due so you don’t forget to study or miss important deadlines. You can even input your schedule into myHomework so you don’t forget when or where your next class is. Do you have a block, time, or period schedule? No worries, myHomework even lets you input these schedules with ease. All information stored is easily accessible across all your iOS devices since myHomework will sync everything while connected to the internet. There are a couple pricing options available, but try it out for free before signing up for a yearly plan. One thing to note, a free account will show you ads.



WunderlistIconWunderlist is a great To-Do & Task List manager that’ll keep you organized and up-to-date on a daily basis. Add Wunderlist to your bag of tricks or solely rely on it to keep everything in one place. The great thing about Wunderlist is you can have it across all your iOS devices as well as you OS X devices where everything syncs up seamlessly. A free account gives you access to a lot of great features that you are able to use on your own. If you decide to go premium, you get access to a lot of great features. With a premium account you’re able to assign to-dos to others, share files, and create unlimited subtasks. If you have a huge project coming up, having a premium account may be a great idea so you can assign tasks to those members in your group.


QuickGraphIconIf you’re looking to put your iPad or iPhone to work in the classroom, what better way to do it than in one of this years math classes. Quick Graph+ will let you take advantage of your multi-touch display and graphic capabilities of your iOS devices in 2D or 3D. Enter and edit your equations to help you better understand your assignments visually. If you’re like me, I’m a visual learner and Quick Graph+ will allow you visualize mathematical notation with this great iOS application. Your iPad or iPhone has already helped you in so many different ways. Why not let it help you in your next math class with Quick Graph+?



TheElementsIconIf there was one subject in school I was absolutely horrible at, it had to be chemistry. I had this class so early in the day and couldn’t get any of the information to soak in through the early morning fog. When I discovered The Elements, I often wondered if something like this would’ve made the subject a little more interesting and help it sink in a lot better. If you’re looking for a great way to learn more about the periodic table of elements, The Elements is exactly what you need. This application is a bit pricey at $13.99, but Touch Press has found a way to make chemistry even more interesting. There is so much information stored on this amazing application, I’m surprised Touch Press isn’t selling it for twice the price. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things while engaging with my iOS devices, but the amount of information you can learn from The Elements is extraordinary and it’s presented so eloquently and interactively that you can’t help but soak up the information. I can’t guarantee it will get you an A in chemistry, but I can guarantee you’ll learn some great information more quickly on your iPad than most of us will by reading a boring textbook.



WolframAlphaIconShort of knowing what you’re thinking, WorlframAlpha knows everything. This amazing source of information is becoming the definitive source for expert information. WolframAlpha will provide information on chemistry, physics, engineering, astronomy, and so much more. It’s like having a “know-it-all” in your pocket. If you’ve used Siri before, you might’ve already experienced what this great application has to offer since parts of WolframAlpha are used by Siri. If you want to get an idea of some of the amazing things WolframAlpha has to offer, you can check out their website and ask it the most random question. Go check it out and try to stump it. It literally has an answer to everything. You just might find yourself wasting a lot of time there; it’s seriously hard not to continue asking question after question. This is a must have app for this school year since you’re able to use it for each and every subject.



GneoIconIf you need to organize your tasks and goals, you need to check out Gneo. I reviewed this great productivity application very shortly after starting There were a few issues I had with it at first when syncing up with Evernote but those problems are a thing of the past. What’s great about Gneo is the way you can setup your tasks. When you add a task, you’re able to select whether it’s important or urgent. These options allows you to view your most important or urgent items on your work canvas so you know what you must work on first, second, and so-on. Gesture control is key in Gneo and it may take a little bit to get used to. Once you’ve got the hang of things, you’ll absolutely love how you can swipe through things. Lastly, make sure to create notebooks within Gneo for each class. This way you’re able to keep everything neatly organized for each class and you’re always able to see what’s most important for a given class. If you have numerous projects you must complete for numerous classes, it might be a good idea to setup a separate notebook for just projects. This way you’re able to put in all the deadlines and add them to your calendar, all while keeping things organized in one central location.



If you have a few favorite iOS applications you use at school, please make sure to comment below. There are some apps I’ve left off the list, but please feel free to use the comment section to share with others those applications that’ve made your school life a little bit easier. Those readers looking to get out of the comments section can find out more information here on how they too can write for this website. We are growing and looking for more iOS enthusiasts.

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