Moovit, app review

Avoiding Industrial Action, with Moovit [App Review]

Moovit-Icon, Moovit, app reviewIf you live anywhere near London in the UK you would have no doubt heard about the transport strikes. Turning up to see all of the underground stations closed is enough to fill any out-of-towner with fear. Luckily Moovit is here to help.

Don’t think of Moovit as a transport app, think of it as a friend that lives in the local area, knowing all of the local tram, train and bus networks.

Don’t believe me? Here’s my experience; I travel around a fair amount with my job. It’s not uncommon to spend 7-8 hours a week on a train.

I had to be in Birmingham (United Kingdom) for a meeting this Thursday morning. It’s a normal journey and fairly straight forward; train to London Victoria, underground from Victoria to Euston then a fast train to Birmingham. It’s a simple journey that will take no more then 3hours. Imagine my horror when I got to London and heard of the Underground strikes.

No worries I thought, I’m a bit of an app geek so I pulled out my iPhone opened up Moovit and entered Euston train station. A matter of seconds later it found a bus in my local area, but not only that, it gave me live departure information for the bus.

Moovit, app review


Once on the bus, Moovit tracked my location the entire way showing me all the stops the bus called at, as well as updating my arrival time.

Using the ETA function, Moovit would regularly notify me that my stop was approaching until it was time to get off. Then it continued with walking directions to the train station.

Moovit can also be customised to look for routes using a variety of different transportations these include, Underground, Rail and Bus. The transportation depend on the area you are in. For example, if you are in the North of England you won’t be given the choice of the Underground, the app will notice you are in a different area and see what transport options are available for that area, which is pretty amazing.Moovit, app review

Changing areas is simple, a quick jump into the settings and pressing ‘switch metro area’ will give you a massive world wide choice, which can be drilled down in small geographical areas.

Because Moovit shows so much detail on a certain area at once, its unable to show a route that passes from one area to another, for example if you want to travel from the South of England to the North Moovit will tell you it’s out of region and be unable to provide a route.

(4.8 / 5) Moovit gets a very well deserved 4 and 3 quarter stars, let down only by the way it won’t provide routes that are cross regions.

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