‘Assassins Creed Pirates’ Update Sends You on A Treasure Hunt [News]

ACP_Runner_Icon_iOS_1419272883Ubisoft has updated Assassins Creed Pirates with brand new runner gameplay that will enrich your overall experience. This update invites you to explore 64 hidden Mayan temples to collect stones that have been dispersed across these ancient shrines. You’ll unlock different map fragments which will then send you on a treasure hunt for eight epic rewards.

Your journey over land will help you uncover 24 new treasure chests. You’ll also enjoy 50 new daily challenges to help keep your adventure going. This update to Assassins Creed Pirates is Ubisoft’s most ambitious yet.

Those of you who’ve spent the last year defeating the fiercest enemies on the Caribbean Seas, ransacking ships and tracking down the most elusive treasures are looking for a change of scenery. This lush new environment created by developers over at Ubisoft definitely delivers a fresh set of adventures.

This update is available right now in the App Store. If you haven’t experienced Assassins Creed Pirates yet, it’s a free download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Assassins Creed Pirates does have in-app purchases available to enhance your overall experience.

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