AskMob – Ask Questions In Your Area, Chat and Meet People Nearby [App Review]

Ask_Mob_IconAskMob is essentially a social networking app with a difference – it’s local. I have always wondered why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, basically all the social network heavies, don’t cater for local people and friends within their locale enough. Sure, you can join a group of your town and put your city down as a hashtag, but there’s nothing like actually talking to people and asking them questions, knowing that they live within 11 miles of you.

So AskMob serves plenty of useful stuff like, “What the heck do I do tonight?” “Which restaurant is serving the best Indian food this month?” and “Are there any live bands on tonight playing down the town centre?”

I found using AskMob that not only was I able to connect with new people just like on any other social networking site, but I was able to hook up and meet them in the flesh. But don’t worry about some devious stranger trying to connect to you, the app requires your express permission to reveal yourself.

You can be entirely anonymous in everything you do. Let’s say for instance you want to ask some daft question regarding the local slimming club or the directions to your town’s Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, you can throw your question out there and wait for the answers to come pouring back in, all the time keeping your anonymity.Ask_Mob_Screenshot

I also loved the feature which lets you find the current location of your friends and family members. You can of course switch off your geo-locating option but I have already found this to be a fantastic idea for parents to keep tabs on their younger children or for you to find out where your husband or wife might be in the town centre after you have done a spot of shopping together.

If you want to chat to some person on the other side of the world, and you would rather not just keep it local, why not? AskMob has a chat facility service which lets you call and speak to another person anywhere in the world; and all you’ll need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Reading other people confessions is also a big laugh. Jokes, personal secrets and some real good titbits are left on the site and some of the comments are eye-wateringly amazing to read. But the best thing of all is that it’s free.

(4 / 5)

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