‘Applivore’ Free Apps ($7 Saved) [Free App]

Applivore is a free app on the iPhone and iPad that displays paid apps that have become free for a limited time.  Here are some of the apps featured:


PlexIconPlex by Plex Inc.

Usually $4.99, download it here for $1.99.

Plex allows you to stream your movies, music, photos and videos from your home computer to your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.




40 Snakes by Kylinworks Software

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

40 Snakes twist on the classic game of Snake.  For this version, there are better graphics, more snakes, difficult obstacles and new themes to make it even more addicting then the original.




Buddha Machine by FM3 Production Ltd

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

The Buddha Machine plays relaxing music by Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian.  This app has been called “bliss” by the Washington Post and “addictive, hypnotic” by the Santa Fe Reporter.




SmartScan Express by Amaxim Apps, Inc.

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

The SmartScan Express allows you to easily scan important documents, like a business card, to email to yourself to store on your computer.  You can edit scanned images by cropping and increasing or decreasing the contrast and brightness to improve the quality of the image.



Paint by TouchDreaming Team

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

This painting application is specifically designed for iOS so you can turn your pictures in beautiful works of art.  There are all kinds of brushes available and you can paint in full-screen on your device.


If you intend on downloading all of the above apps, you have saved $7 plus applicable taxes.  As of this posting, these apps are free or at a discount.  Usually deals like this only last for a limited time, so if you are reading this days or months after its post date; they are likely back to their original prices.  Subscribe to the blog and check back weekly to find more free apps.

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