Apple Pay In The UK [News]

As an iphone fan, I always watch in envy as all of those amazing Apple features are available in the USA first. Finally we have Apple Pay here in the UK and if you are with a very select group of banks you can setup your card and touch ID your way around town.

Let’s start with the basics; Apple Pay is a form of NFC (Near Field Communication). In the simplest terms, your iPhone can talk to nearby devices. NFC isn’t new to the UK, in fact it’s been around for years on
your bank cards and some cars. You may have seen this logo:1396515172569

So why is Apple Pay so important to the UK? Simple; it reduces the need for you to keep having to pull your cards from your wallet or purse. Just tap your phone, hold Touch ID and it’s done. Not only that, but Apple Pay will show your last transaction. The beauty of this is almost every terminal that accepts your contact-less card will also accept Apple Pay.IMG_4805_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait
Theres a couple of things to mention here, firstly the transaction limit is £20 regardless of your bank, this is due to rise in September to £30.If you bank with Halifax, Lloyds, TSB, Amex, Marks and Spencer’s or RBS, Apple Pay isn’t going to work for you. All of the above have released statments hinting Apple Pay will be available towards the end of the year.

If you bank with Natwest and Santander you can Apple Pay your way around town until your hearts content.

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