Apple Dealerships? [Rumors]

Apple has always made life expensively interesting. The prices for the their products have always been above average. There is a trade off though. Apple, generally speaking, has always been on the cutting edge of technology while possessing a sleekness and style unlike no other. It’s no wonder you see their design techniques used in future products by other companies. Hell, if you can’t beat em, might as well join em. Apple is looking to team up with another company on the cutting edge of technology that exhibits sleekness and style; Tesla. If you don’t do a double take when you see these beautiful cars on the road, make sure you get vision coverage in your Obamacare before the March 31st deadline passes. Smartphone integration into our automobiles is far from its peak and Apple is looking to partner up with, not purchase, the most talked about electric car out there.

Integrating our smartphones and tablets into our cars is a growing and profitable industry. Adding options to new vehicles allows us the opportunity to use certain features on our devices in our vehicles. Some of these options are now standard or bundled in different option packages on newer vehicles. With more states cracking down on distracted driving, finding ways to lawfully use certain features is a hot business. Its even hotter if you can get exclusive integration on certain models. This is where Apple is looking to strike while the iron is hot. 

The very first review I read on the Tesla Model S mentioned the “iPad look” of the center console controls. After reading a few more reviews on the Model S, the same thing kept coming up. A lot of experts were in love with the car, but some were taken aback by how large the controls were in the center console. I’m certain Apple heard this loud and clear and knew they could help out and, in the process, integrate their devices and iOS software into the vehicle. The smooth and sleek lines of the Tesla could come together with perfectly tailored iOS software to provide an unmatched smart driving experience.


Rumors flying around online suggest Apple is looking to acquire Tesla and produce an iCar. Fortunately, I don’t see that happening just yet. Apple needs to get their foot in the door of the car business by getting exclusive rights for product integration. I believe Apple and Tesla share some of the same design values and feel they both would greatly benefit from collaborating with one another. Collaboration exposes them to each others industry, which could lead to amazing product development for both. Onboard entertainment could see a massive overhaul thanks to Tesla and Apple.  

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see an Apple iCar. Given how expensive their products are now, I could only imagine how insanely expensive a car would be. Only the 1 percent of the 1 percent club would be able to afford these vehicles. It’s always fun to dream about the possibilities. As for Apple buying Tesla, I believe it’s only a dream at this point. Apple wants to be in the car making business right now about as much as Tesla wants to be in the computer making business. Over time, maybe it could be a possibility, I just don’t see it happening in the near future. A little collaboration on product development could get the ball rolling on a possible, but still remote,  merger.

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