Apple AI strategy to capture artificial intelligence market

The Artificial Intelligence race is already big and is getting bigger and better with every passing day. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce, shell etc are stepping ahead every passing day. Though the plans are not revealed yet, but recently the Apple CEO Cook shared little about Apple AI strategy.

The company has been rolling up the dices recently to create a new standard (or to sustain the place) in the tech-world and they want to give more opportunities to iOS application development companies. Holding the ‘classy customer base’ under its hood, it gave the world some dramatic changes.

A few notable actions and words by Tim on Apple AI strategy

  • A cashless society
  • R&D base in Yokohama, Tokyo
  • Focus on ‘Deep learning’
  • Purchased Turi Inc, Emotient, and Tuplejump this year
  • Changing the way things behaved till date

Apple is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. Now with Cook succeeding Steve Jobs, it is expected to have a new ‘world’ for the world, by this new CEO. In his recent interview, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook shared the future of Apple AI strategy

After becoming CEO, this was his first visit to Japan and during his same interview; he shared that they’ll be soon coming with an R&D base in Yokohama. He further shared that the base is one of its kind ever developed outside the US and will work as a center for ‘deep learning’ focusing on developing new component technologies.

With him using the term deep learning, one thing is for sure that Apple’s planning for something ahead of the script-based dumb bots like the one we often saw voice-assistant solutions (this includes Siri), Facebook etc.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence


Apple recently proved its inclination towards machine learning by buying companies like Tuplejump, Emotient, and Turi Inc. With these, the speculations have become firm that the big boys there are planning to take a step in the machine learning technology.

There is no wonder that we can soon find Apple coming up with machines which won’t work on scripts, instead, will learn and understand the need and accordingly reply and act. Apple is working thoroughly to firm its grip in the AI arena, and according to a report shared by Reuters, Apple plans to hire around 86 full-time AI experts.

Though there is no update from the company’s side, but one of its former employees shared that the staff working for machine learning has tripled or may be quadrupled in past few years.

It didn’t happen overnight

It began to sneak when Yale Robotics expert, John Morrell was recruited in 2012. Since then the company has been quite busy in acquiring firms/startups that are working in the field. I believe that the recent examples have given things a new flight and expecting something big from Apple soon won’t be wrong at any point.


The entire race is far ahead of the expectations of human race. Now that Apple is focusing hard on the Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, the people of the era can definitely expect an assistant better than Siri, or a machine that will work (end to beginning) on its own.

Whatever direction it takes, whoever leads, the growth is undoubtedly taking a new shape.

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