An iPhone Summer: Day Two [App Bundle]

If you joined us yesterday and downloaded Day Trips and Getaways and Trover, you’ve taken the first step at making this summer awesome. Don’t stop there though, I’ve got five more days of iOS applications for summer to share with you. So get everything around the house done over spring so summertime is filled with nothing but fun and adventure. Make sure your battery is charged and sharpen up your photographer skills. This summer is going to be worth talking about!


Have you ever wondered how much of the Earth you’ve actually covered? Start answering that question with an iOS application called Fog of World. This application runs in the background on your iOS device and as you move around good ol’ Mother Earth you clear up fog around the places you travel. In order for you to clear up the fog and add to the percentage of earth you’ve covered, the application must be running and recording . It will draw on your battery life since it requires users to have it continually running. If you travel out of the country and you want to receive credit for your travels, you will need a data package on your cellular account or you’ll incur roaming data charges. Even if you don’t use it while traveling abroad, it’s still fun seeing what your fog-less patch of Earth looks like.


Vacations are great but the lasting memories are irreplaceable. Capture your journeys effortlessly so you don’t miss a moment with Rove. This iOS application automatically remembers where you’ve been so you can focus on enjoying the experience. There is no sign-up required and you choose who you want to share your photos with. Rove allows you to spend more time creating and capturing memories while it does the work in the background tracking where your photos were taken. When you have a moment to add notes about your day, simply open Rove and you’re able to enter what you want to remember about each part of your day. Sharing your memories with friends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is easy while in Rove. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself and let Rove retrace your steps for you.

With Day Trips and Getaways you’re able to explore some great new places and couple that with Fog of Worldand you’ll be well on your way to covering .00001 percent of the earth in no time. Make sure to use Trover during your explorations and share your experiences with adventurers like yourself. Rove will track all the locations you’ve traveled to along with your photos too. Armed with all four of these applications, you’ll become the traveling expert amongst your circle of friends. The Roaming Gnome will be so proud of you.

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