An iPhone Summer: Day Three [App Bundle]

If you’re following along with “An iPhone Summer” you’ve probably already downloaded some great iOS applications, but I still have more to tell you about. If you downloaded Day Trips and Getaways already, one of todays applications will give you the ability to add a possible side trip to your short getaway. The next application gives you access to information about places or events you can check out in your hometown or while out exploring on your weekend or vacation. Just make sure you have Rove turned on during your travels so you can see where you’ve been while it organizes your photos based on where they were taken. So without further ado, I give you the next two iOS applications for summer.


While on a road trip, you’re either looking to get from point A to point B safely and efficiently or discovering what the landscape has to offer. If you’re interested in the latter, then you must download Roadtrippers. The days of falling for those misleading roadside billboards are a thing of the past. Now you can discover everything awesome on your next road trip with your iPhone. Use the map and list views to find just the right place to visit. No need to worry about getting lost on your way there, Roadtrippers can provide you driving directions.  Rate your destinations and make sure to snap some photos of your experiences so you can share them with other adventure seekers, especially if you’re using Trover. If you’re really into making sure your road trip is jam packed with fun, plan your entire trip before you even leave from home on Roadtrippers. Just be careful you don’t have too much fun—you just might find yourself planning all the trips and now they’ll have high expectations.


Field Trip seriously makes it hard for anyone to mutter “there’s nothing to do around here.” This information packed application can show you places to grab something to eat or drink, share historical information or sites, find museums, and much more. Next time you’re in a major metropolitan area, open Field Trip and enable it to use location services and you’ll be surrounded by blue, green, yellow dots you can tap to find something to fill your time. Better yet, fire this application up before you make plans for the day and move the map to the areas you will be spending some of your time to check out new discoveries. If you’re out having lunch or running errands—or god forbid work—use Field Trip to find a place to kill some free time or locate the areas best happy hour specials. It’s all jammed packed into this one application. So get out and explore the areas around your hometown or your next vacation destination.

“An iPhone Summer” is halfway done but I still have more iOS applications to share with you. It’s a good idea to download applications in advance and interact with them so you’re familiar with their settings and capabilities. Share these applications with family and friends so they can help you discover new places you may all want to visit together. Like I said before, this summer is going to be something you’re going to want to talk about.   

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