An iPhone Summer: Day One [App Bundle]

If your winter was anything like we enjoyed—yeah right—in Chicago, you’re probably beyond excited that summer is right around the corner. To get everyone ready for summer fun, I’ll be sharing two iOS applications a day for the next six days that you’re not gonna want to miss. Summer’s about getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors before old man winter flexes his muscles again. Each one of these applications will get you out of the house and exploring the world around you while enjoying the warm summer weather.


Sometimes you just want to get away, but you don’t have a vacation planned or even a few extra days off. Just because you can’t get out of town doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan a short getaway. Head over to the iOS App Store and download Day Trips and Getaways and you’ll find some great places to visit in a day or one night over your weekend. My first interaction with this application provided us information on a scenic forest preserve only 15 minutes from our house that we had completely forgotten about. This application will show you some great things to do around quite a few major metropolitan areas. Not all major U.S. cities are included in Day Trips and Getaways as of yet, but as this application becomes more popular other cities will be added.


Are you a modern day Magellan who seeks out the best places to go for a run, sight see, grab a beer, or even find cool hidden spots? If so, navigate your way to the iOS App Store and download a travel and photo application called Trover. Here you will find likeminded individuals sharing information about their discoveries along with some photos. Be sure and give a thanks, basically a like, to other users for their discoveries. Much like Twitter, you can follow your favorite users and discover even more places you never knew existed. One cool thing about Trover is you get a range map showing drop pins for your discoveries. The further you travel the greater your reach stretches around the globe. You must tag where your pictures are from in order for them to show up on your map.

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