An iPhone Summer: Day Four [App Bundle]

“An iPhone Summer” is in full swing, so if you haven’t had a chance to view previous information you’re gonna wanna catch-up. Don’t worry though, this is the homework you want to complete since it’s going make this summer rock!

So yesterday I talked about two applications, Roadtrippers and Field Trip, and how they can expose you to a lot of awesome stuff on your next trip away from home or a stay at home vacation, or what I like to call a stay-cation. Next up today are two iOS applications that’ll have you checking out all the fun stuff to do while out and about, but one of them will have you rubbing elbows with the locals and they’ll never know you’re from out of town—brilliant!


We all know gravy is delicious and it goes great on almost everything. Now Gravy goes great with your iPhone and it’s going to smother you with some great things to do based on your location. Use the discover tab in Gravy and a map view will open up showing different items or events you are able to visit or be a part of. Gravy can also find things for you and your friends to do based on certain interests.  The more you interact with Gravy, the greater the chances it’ll find something suited to your liking. Before long you’ll be enjoying Gravy seven days a week and you’re friends won’t believe it when you say, “I’ve been enjoying Gravy everyday and it’s getting me more active.” Just be prepared to explain yourself.


While on vacation it’s nice to see the sites and hit some of the tourist spots, but sometimes you want to experience what the locals enjoy. Like A Local Offline City Guide & Map will eventually let you do just that. This application is expanding its reach and will include some U.S. cities in the future, Boston and New York to be specific. In the meantime, if you’re traveling to Europe you must give Like A Local a look. You’ll be armed with insider information on the best spots for dinner or the beaches locals prefer that are less crowded. Like A Local is free to download but it does have in-app purchases. Download the city you want to find out more about and it’s available for you to enjoy offline so you won’t incur any data charges while out of the country. Go ahead and plan you next trip like a tourist, but enjoy the sites like you’ve been living there for years.

I’m not sure what your winter was like, but if it was anything like what we had in Chicago, I’m positive you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. There are a lot of applications in the App Store that’ll help get you out of the house and keep you busy. Put your iPhone to work to ensure this summer is jam-packed with things to keep you out and about from late May all the way through August. Make sure to clear some space on your iPhone so you can capture the memories this summer.  

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