An iPhone Summer: Day Five [App Bundle]

After today there’s only one day left of “An iPhone Summer,” but I still have four more applications to share with you. If you read yesterdays information, you might’ve been a little disappointed Like A Local wasn’t available for the U.S. just yet. I’m not going to let you down though. I found a free application, with ads however, that’ll hold you over till your city is added to Like A Local. Since todays first application will have you out and about checking out all the happening joints, you’re going to need a place to grab some grub and I got your back there too. So sit back, relax, and have your iTunes password ready so you can download a few more applications.


While traveling, or even in your hometown, you may find yourself wondering, “what’s around here?” After downloading AroundMe you’ll be drowning in information. Find ATMs, hospitals, pubs and restaurants, movie theaters and so much more with this location based iOS application. AroundMe even lets you take advantage of any deals near you through the use of Groupon. With this application you’ll find something to keep everyone busy and possibly save you money while doing it. The free version of AroundMe does have ads, but you’re able to get rid of them by purchasing the ad free version for $2.99.


Do you know where your next meal will come from? If you start using Great Food Nearby and rate the places you visit, you’ll start receiving recommendations for restaurants that’ll please your palate. If it seems as though everything we interact with today is tracking information about us to suggest something else we might like, you’re right and you’re not going crazy! Amazon shares recommendations for items you might like based on your search and purchase history, and search engines like Google are tracking what you’re searching for to ensure they show you the right targeted ads. If everyone else is doing it, why not take advantage of this phenomenon when it can help quiet a growling stomach? Make sure to rate your dinning experiences to ensure the most accurate restaurants are offered up the next time you need to silence your hunger.

Summer will be here and gone before you know it. Every September I look back wondering where the time went! This year I plan on taking a completely different approach to capitalizing on summer and my iPhone’s going to play a vital role in my success. It’ll take some planning and research to uncover new things to get out and do, but I plan on using almost all of these applications to make the summer of 2014 something to look back on as a success. Bring it on summer, I’m ready for you this year!

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