An iPhone Case with Self-Healing Qualities—Yeah Right! [Case Review]

How many iPhone cases do you have in your arsenal? I have half a shelf in a closet dedicated to storing old iPhone cases. It’s the graveyard for my beloved cases and when one of them finds their way onto this shelf, rarely do they ever see the light of day again. Why? Like everyone else, my iPhone takes a beating and the cases I trust with my iPhones life bear the brunt of the beating. After a while, I’m ashamed of their appearance and order something new and exciting.

Recently I discovered a case from Innerexile which claims to have self-healing properties. Immediately I was intrigued and I had to check it out for myself. After all, what did I have to lose—scratches on my iPhone of course.


I’m pretty rough on my cases, I always have been and probably always will be. I wouldn’t say I drop my phone in a regular basis, but my iPhone is constantly entertaining me and I’m always tinkering around with it while tossing it around. This results in my iPhone being jostled around quite a bit. For example, I use Spotify while driving and when I get tired of the playlist I’m listening to I switch to something different as soon as it’s safe and legal, which usually takes place at a stoplight. Once I discover a new station, I generally toss my iPhone back into the cupholder in my car.

It’s not unusual for our cupholders to have lose change, Coke Zero bottle caps or a few of my daughters favorite small toys resting here. My iPhone gets tossed right into the mess and in the process gets a few blemishes on the case. No worries, that’s what the case is for right?

This past Memorial Day weekend I decided to put this self-healing case to the test since we we had a busy schedule over the holiday weekend. We were traveling out of town for our daughters birthday and I planned on taking a lot of photos. This self-healing case was going to see some action and this was just the time to test it out.

When we travel, I take a lot of camera equipment with me and the Moment lenses for my iPhone get quite a bit of action too. There’s always a moment to capture while traveling and fishing my iPhone out of my pocket means it brushes against my car keys, loose change and whatever else I can cram in my pockets over and over again. This is by far the easiest way my iPhone cases get dinged up.

We used Spotify a lot this past weekend and with all the mess in the car from traveling, there was more stashed in open areas than usual and the Innerexile case enjoyed numerous opportunities to get scratched up while being tossed around in the car. At one point I forgot I was testing out a case when I missed the cupholder after making a song change and thought I should be more careful. Then it dawned on me I was reviewing a self-healing case and it was back to being rambunctious again.

Once we got home, I decided it was time to clean off the case with a microfiber towel and expose the idea of a self-healing case as just a figment of our imagination. I was shocked to discover there wasn’t a single scratch on the case—anywhere! I was certain there would be evidence of scratches in at least a couple places, but I couldn’t find anything at all.


I figured I might’ve taken it too easy on the case the previous weekend, but another week around me, my 12 month old daughter and a trip down to Wrigley Field to see my Kansas City Royals take on the Chicago Cubs was sure to yield some scratches.

Normally I cringe when my daughter grabs my iPhone without my knowledge, but this week was a little different. She’s notoriously known for smashing the remotes together or slamming puzzle pieces on the board with such force. My daughter was going to be my secret weapon for putting this self-healing case to a real-world test.

Throughout the second week, I graciously allowed her to fool around with my iPhone while playing with her toys. A couple times I thought for sure I was going to be exercising the provisions of my AppleCare agreement for my iPhone 6 Plus. Thankfully my iPhone and the Innerexile case came out unharmed.

I was beginning to think I had Superman in my pocket and he was hugging my iPhone tight while keeping it safe from reoccurring dangers of my everyday life.

My final test for the Innerexile self-healing case was a trip to a baseball game. We used public transportation to get from the Chicago suburbs all the way to Wrigley Field and back. Surely I would rough this case up a bit to get some battle scars during this adventure.Moment-Lens-Cubs-Game

Anyone who uses public transportation on a daily basis knows how hard it is to keep items blemish free. You rush around in the morning and afternoon in order to match up with bus and train schedules. If you’re in a hurry you’re bound to drop stuff or bump into a few things here and there—no ones immune.

On our way back from the game, we were flirting with missing our train back out to the suburbs. We jumped on the Red Line train before heading to the Metra. Once we got off the Red Line, we startedrunning to the Metra station which was about 6-7 blocks away with about 9 minutes to spare. Time was not on our side so we decided to jump into a cab. My iPhone 6 Plus was in my back pocket, I’m not worried about bendgate, and when we jumped into the cab I didn’t remember, nor care at the time, my iPhone was protruding from my back pocket. I do remember sliding across the seat belt anchors in the backseat of the cab, but it didn’t register at the time since when I exited the cab I scraped across them quite generously on the way out too. We ran to the train with just enough time to jump on before it left. By the time we found seats, the train was already pulling out of the station—whew!!

After we sat down I naturally reached into my back pocket for my go to BFF when I need to kill an hour and a half. It wasn’t until then I remembered the abuse I just inadvertently put my iPhone through on our way to the train. I flipped to the back side of the case to see if the cab ride would be the bruiser of my Innerexile self-healing case. Much to my surprise after wiping a greasy case off after a day at a baseball game filled with too many beers, a footlong Chicago dog, chili cheese fries, and peanuts, it was laughing at me fully blemish free; I was stunned.

Final Thoughts

The past two weeks I’ve been quite impressed with the Innerexile Glacier Crystal Self-Healing case. Going out of town for a weekend and taking pictures presents a lot of scratch opportunities with the numerous items I carry in my pockets while away. It’s not uncommon for me to have a lot of change, my keys and Moment lenses for my iPhone in my pockets which are repeat offenders at dinging up a lot of my cases. Rushing around to catch public transportation also presents numerous blemish opportunities too, as I’m sure most of you know. This self-healing case did an amazing job taking abuse and correcting my mistakes on a daily basis.

Will the Innerexile Glacier case withstand a deep gouge? No. It has a self-healing coating on it which allows it to heal itself from light scratches. It also features a 0.4 mm increased edge to help protect your iPhones screen from getting scratches. I have the Moment mounting plate on the back of my iPhone 6 Plus so I didn’t get to full enjoy this protection offered with this case, as you can seen in one of the photos. The Glacier case is also made of lightweight (17.2 g) Polycarbonate material. Included with the case are three different colored power and volume button covers you can change for personal preferences (silver, space gray, and gold), a screen protector, and a wiping cloth.

The Glacier Self-healing Case is available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at some retailers or you can find limited quantities available through online stores like Amazon or Ebay. The model I tested was Black, which was like a smokey gray, but it does come in clear too. Aside from the self-healing from light scratches, I like how slim and lightweight it is. I like protecting my iPhones from scratches and dings, but I still want to enjoy the sleekness and slimness of the phone. This case allows me to enjoy all the design features of the iPhone 6 Plus without heavily compromising the overall design and weight of the newest iPhone model.

If you like keeping your cases scratch free, you’re going to love the Innerexile Glacier Self-Healing case! Life happens and this case is here to help protect your iPhone while keeping the case in top-notch shape.

Review Score: (5 / 5) Light scratches on your case are a thing of the past with this lightweight and stylish case!

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