Amazon’s All You Can Read Buffet [News]

KindleIconAmazon is at it again. They’re rolling out a great new subscription service a lot of people are going to take advantage of. This new service is called Kindle Unlimited and it gives readers unlimited access to over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks to enjoy. This amazing offer will only cost you $9.99 a month!

With Kindle Unlimited you’re able to explore some of those titles you were hesitant to buy since it was unclear whether or not you’d enjoy them. Now armed with access to such a large variety of titles throughout many different genres, readers are able to broaden their horizons without worrying about spending more than $9.99 a month on their good reading habits.

When my wife and I go on vacation, she usually purchases four or five books and finishes them crazy fast. Just for the sake of comparison, I’ll say each book was priced at $5 each. She could easily spend $20-25 on books for her Kindle during just one vacation. We generally go on vacation 3 times a year and if we were to signup before heading out of town, we could save some money by using Kindle Unlimited during those months we head out of town. It does say you can cancel your subscription at any time, so why not take advantage of it when you know you’ll get the most use from Kindle Unlimited.

For households that buy more than two or three books a month, it might be in your best interest to give Kindle Unlimited a look. It’s easy to spend a fair amount of cash in the Kindle store when you’re going through a book a week. It can be a bit of a shock when you receive your credit card statement and notice how much is being spent on Kindle books in a months time.

Don’t have a Kindle, no worries. All you need is an iOS device and the free Kindle app from the App Store. Sign in with the Amazon ID associated with your Kindle Unlimited account and you’re good to go. Now all you need is a comfy chair, something cold to drink, and that book you’ve been waiting to get lost in. Amazon is offering a free 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited. If you were unsure whether or not to check it out, I’m sure this made it even harder to pass up.

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