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I’m constantly looking for ways to engage with developers and iOS users. One example of how I do this is by listening to podcasts. Usually I stick to tech based shows where I can further hone in on what’s going on in the tech world. Very recently I ventured away from some of my favorite techie shows to expand on how to engage other readers. On this journey I stumbled across The Blog Millionaire podcast and learned tons of great information on how to better engage with my audience as well as get iOS etc out there for others to find.

One standout example of how iOS etc can better engage an audience is through the use of infographics. Infographics are a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge which allows you to quickly understand what you’re reading. If you read magazines or online articles, I guarantee you’ve seen infographics hundreds if not thousands of times.

How Useful are Infographics?

There’s some amazing data on the advantages of using infographics. Marketing agencies use infographics since they’re the most effective way for linkbuilding. According to BuzzSumo, this type of medium receives over 3000 more social shares than all other forms of content. Brandon Gaille of The Blog Millionaire believes strongly in their effectiveness and includes them in his strategies to get quality backlinks to your website.


With all this in mind, we decided to figure out how we could quickly create infographics for our website. I found some great websites and services available for us to use that would create some amazing visuals, but figured it would be better to check out the Mac App Store to search for infographic related software.

A quick search revealed seven possible options with about half of these featuring some sort of review. I decided to check out Infographics by Jumsoft since it had the most reviews as well as the highest rating of those available to download. The description and screenshots for Infographics played a vital role in this decision too since it featured a lot of stats on what was included and the infographics used in screenshots were professional looking and eye-catching.


  • 33 chart themes with 10 charts each
  • 65 themes of data visualization elements
  • 1,050 diagram slides
  • 50 sets of infographic elements
  • 1 world map
  • 6 maps of continents
  • 17 maps of international organizations
  • 201 maps of countries
  • 11 maps of countries with their administrative divisions (including the US, the UK, Germany, France, China, and more)
  • 207 flags of countries and territories
  • 23 flags of international organizations
  • 50 sets of national symbols
  • 55 sets of US symbols

What You’ll Need

To download Infographics you’ll need 1.03 GB of free space, OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor, and Keynote 6.6 or later. Once inside it feels like you’re creating a new document within Pages, Word, Powerpoint, etc., since you’re picking your media from available templates. After you select the template you want to use it will load into Keynote. From here you’re able to select those items from within the template you selected and copy and paste them into blank pages.

When it comes to deciding which item or template to use, don’t worry about the background items are featured on. Since you copy and paste it onto another Keynote page, this background won’t transfer over to the final document.


Easy to Use?

When I first started using Infographics I was a bit confused on the interface with Keynote. After poking around a bit, I quickly got the hang of how to easily use the media on the templates.

Editing the infographic you’re using will take a lot of clicking and resizing unless the text you add fits perfectly into the provided text fields. Otherwise, you should be somewhat familiar with editing documents in Pages, Word, Keynote, etc., or you could become easily frustrated with Infographics.

In a relatively short period of time, I was able to take stats I used in an article I was working on and add this information to media from Infographics and create a very useful infographic to attach before publishing.  With infographics added to articles, I’m able to set them as featured images which allows them to show up as the main image used when they’re being shared across many different social media mediums. This allows them to be more clickable and shareable among those who view it. All of us are guilty of clicking on something when it catches our eye and this is exactly what Infographics will unlock for you!

There’s a vast amount of templates you can use in Infographics and you’re able to select your favorites for quick and easy recall. This feature is very useful in saving you time if you see items pertaining to your niche. After getting used to interacting with Infographics, I ran through the templates once and favorited those items I thought may apply to information I would share in the future. After taking a little more time to go through all the templates, I now have all the tech based templates in my favorites tab ready for me to quickly select, open, and then edit.

Is it Worth It?

If you’re looking to spice up how you share stats and information, you need to start using infographics in some way, shape, or form! Before downloading Infographics I was trying to present information in text form only. Now with this software I can pull the information from my text and add it to highly shareable and interactive friendly media which readers gobble up. Don’t make the mistake of not using infographics. Give the information you publish a better chance of being shared by downloading Infographics and putting it to good use, you’ll thank yourself later!

Infographics is available in the Mac App Store for just $19.99. Considering everything included, coupled with the sharing power it unlocks, makes it well worth the money. Unlock the power of infographics today and put them to good use tomorrow on your next project with Infographics.

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