Adjust Your Calendar to Match Your Week [Just-A-Tip]

You might be shocked to discover I have a full-time job other than just messing around with my iOS devices in order to bring you a lot of great information. For fun I discover exciting things for iOS Etc, but for work I’m an air traffic controller here in Chicago. I love my job, but the work schedules and hours are on the unpopular side and are difficult to keep track of. My work schedule consists of shift-work which can change a bit from week to week or month to month. Thankfully, there’s a way to adjust my calendar to match-up to my work week.

Currently the default setting for the Calendar app on your iOS device is setup to start the week on Sundays (for United States devices). If you’d like to edit the start day of the week on your calendar, simply go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > and scroll down to select Start Week On. Select the start day of you prefer and the Calendar app will now begin the week on this newly selected day.

Currently my calendar start day is Tuesday and it did take a bit of getting used to. Why? When you glance at a calendar, most of us automatically associate the dates that fall on the left represent Sundays and the far right dates represent Saturdays throughout the month. So next time you’re at the dentist office trying to schedule your six month cleaning, you’re going to confuse the hell out of the scheduler if you’re looking at their calendar and get the two mixed up being that you’re used a calendar where weeks start on a day other than Sunday.

This is one of those settings you’re going to love or hate pretty quickly after making the change. If you use the Calendar app regularly you’re probably not going to be a fan of this change. Since I don’t interact too much with the Caleander app, this new setup really doesn’t bother me. Actually, I prefer it to the old setup.

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