Add full screen caller photos to your contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with Sync.ME [App Review]

sync.ME_iconSync.ME is an app which can liven up your contacts and address book on your iPhone. It also works happily with the contacts list on the iPad or iPod Touch. It has two basic functions and smaller features which make this a fairly dynamic tool to spice up your contact address book.

Firstly, it has a feature where you can identify the origin of that unknown caller. All too often we receive calls from others where the caller is from an unknown source – Sync.ME has a caller ID system which actually identifies unknown calls, even those which can come from anywhere in the world.

The feature makes it a great way to unlock the information surrounding the mystery caller. All too often we receive a call every now and again from a source which does not appear on your contact list. The app can identify who is calling and where the call originated from; all you need do is to copy the number to seek the identity. Once you are satisfied the caller is from an unwanted source, you can choose to blacklist or whitelist where necessary.

Secondly, the Sync.ME app offers the contact address book on your iPhone a real makeover. The app will synchronize all your contacts on your phone and search through individuals’ social media accounts. As it does so, it will find the image the contact is using on Facebook, Google + or LinkedIn and that image can be used as the picture that comes up on your iPhone when the contact rings you.SyncMe-Screenshot

The image is full screen and updated to the latest one being used on social media every time you use the synchronisation feature. So, every now and again it’s worth running a synchronisation to update the very latest image Jenny is using on Facebook, Richard has changed on Linked In or the new selfie that Samantha is now using on Google +.

The app also has a great feature which will remind you when one of your contacts has a birthday coming up. This allows you to prepare for the day by urging you to go and buy a gift or a birthday card.

There is a community where users of the app can get together and share tips and tricks. This can be found on its Facebook page, Twitter feed and directly from the user support web page online.

Review Score: (4 / 5)

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