A View of the Past With Fyoozd 2 [App Review]

IconRetro style games are still catchy and Fyoozd 2 looks to tap into this niche with their grid based puzzle game. It’s quick and easy to learn since it’s like a lot of other games you’ve played over the years.

Match different colors and designs to arc electricity across tiles to blast them off the board. Matches occur by connecting up to three tiles in a straight or diagonal line.

You only get one minute to clear tiles while scoring as many points as possible. Score more points, clear similar tiles in a row, or add more time by clearing those tiles possessing special indicators.

Fyoozd 2 does allow you to access Game Center to view leader boards and challenge other users.

Fyoozd 2 has a retro style and feel to it with pixel art visuals like you would see on a Commodore Amiga. Fyoozd 2 also found inspiration from gaming systems of the past.

I’ve been playing Fyoozd 2 on my iPhone 6 Plus and there are times when I’ve attempted to arc electricity across two or three tiles and they didn’t connect. After trying again but paying closer attention to my move, these tiles do connect and are blasted from the board.


Since you only get a minute to score as many points as possible, errors like this take away from your ability to clear more tiles and scoring more points. I either have fat fingers or Fyoozd 2 is very touchy. Judging by how often it has happened to me, I’m sure if you’re playing this on a smaller screen, you might notice it more often. On the flip side, I’m sure playing Fyoozd 2 on an iPad would help stop this from happening altogether, but not everyone owns an iPad.

Fyoozd 2 is very fast paced and unforgiving, which is good. There were times I noticed other connections just as I was clearing other pieces and this move blocked me from being able to clear those tiles. You gotta think and react quickly to what you see in front of you since time is ticking away.

Retro visuals in Fyzood 2 are great and you can’t help but think about games from yesteryear. It’s always nice to pay tribute to the past and Fyoozd 2 definitely did a good job with their design.

Fyoozd 2 is available for free in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are no in-app purchases since the game is supported by unobtrusive ads which don’t get in the way of gameplay.

(3.8 / 5)

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