A New Spin On A Few Classics With ‘Warship Solitaire’ [App Review]

WarshipSolitaire-Icon-preiOS7-512Some games come along that remind you of the past and are tons-o-fun. Sure, playing Modern Combat 5: Blackout is literally a blast, but sometimes you’re looking to relax and challenge your brain—or is that just the old guy in me talking? Indie developers over at Nexx Studio, makers of crowd pleasing apps like Bloom BoxPig Shot, and The Idiot Test 3, have developed a fun new game called Warship Solitaire which challenges the noggin. We got a chance to review this great new game before its release and we’re excited for it to hit the App Store so you can get your hands on it too.

Warship Solitaire combines the nostalgic fun of Battleship, but now with only one player, and challenges you with Sudoku style gameplay. The mixture may sound strange, but once you start playing it’s really an awesome combination.

Right from the start, Warship Solitaire takes you through their tutorial. Take the time to watch it and pay attention. I tried to quickly breeze through it and eventually had to go back and watch it again to thoroughly understand how to play. I clicked through it so quickly because I was excited to play the game after reading the description Nexx Studio provided me.

The objective of Warship Solitaire is to find six hidden battleships on a grid which has numbers running along two sides of the Warship-Solitaire-Screenshotmap. There’s one cruiser that takes up three spaces on the board, two destroyers will occupy two spaces each, and three submarines which are only one space each. The game board is a 7×7 grid and each row has a number by it which corresponds to how many ship pieces are in each row. Those spaces not occupied by a piece of a ship are water. Ship pieces can’t be adjacent or diagonal to one another. When you start each level, there are pieces automatically revealed to you, much like Sudoku. If you reset a level to clear the board and start over, revealed pieces still remain present.

Stuck and need a hint? Warship Solitaire comes preloaded with 10 hints. When you use a one, it may reveal a piece you’ve already identified, so don’t be disappointed. At least you know you’re on the right track. Once you sink the hints included, you can purchase more which costs as little as $0.99 up to $2.99 via in-app purchase.

As of now, I’ve only used two hints. One I desperately needed because I was stuck, but the other I used for review purposes. As the game progresses, it became evident as to why you would want to have a few hints available to use, so choose when to use them wisely. Unless you’re comfortable purchasing more, which are fairly cheap.

There are over 125 puzzles spread across 5 difficulty levels. I’ve gone through roughly 40 puzzles thus far and each one offers up a new challenge. Warship Solitaire will auto save your progress so it’s alright if you get frustrated since you can leave the game and comeback to continue right where you left off.

Warship Solitaire will be available on January 15th exclusively in the App Store. It’s optimized for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. When released later this week in the App Store, Warship Solitaire will set you back only $0.99 and you can download it for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Warship Solitaire offers up a new logic puzzle game which combines a few different game styles into one, which will keep you and your brain busy for hours. Hit the high-seas and challenge your brain without getting wet in Warship Solitaire.

(5 / 5) – Warship Solitaire takes two classic games and combines them into one. What could be more perfect than that?

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