A Kids Storybook That Lets Their Imagination Soar [App Review]

boy-and-the-seagull-iconAs adults we reach for our iPads to conduct business or to keep us entertained. When our children see us interacting with them, it’s only natural for them to become curious as to what we’re looking at. Eventually they can’t take their eyes off the iPad either and you start downloading apps they might enjoy to expose them to the technology shaping their future.

One of my favorite ways to interact with my daughter on the iPad is through storybooks. With so many of them out there, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one you can enjoy together.

Recently I discovered an interactive storybook by Haibude! called Boy and the Seagull which features wonderful hand-drawn watercolor pages along with interactive elements on each page.

Boy and the Seagull is all about helping your child’s curiosity and imagination come alive. With each page featuring interactive elements, everyone can explore the iPad screen to help bring the story to life.

Some interactive elements are better than others. Personally, we like the jumping whale, the man catching a fish near the lighthouse, and popping bubbles on the colorful fish page. These features help keep your children engaged in the story, which can be hard to do at times.

The app description says there are seven simple puzzles for your children to interact with, but we only fouind six. Unless the puzzle in the story counts counts as two, we might’ve missed something.

The story itself is interesting and may introduce your child to dreaming and using their imagination. The boy and the seagull interact with one another and the seagull describes an island the boy is unable to travel to since he cannot fly. Instead of the boy visiting his new friend, the seagull describes a way he can get there by dreaming about the island. In the end, the boy visits this place frequently in his dreams and is thankful for a friend willing to share this place with him.

With so many storybook apps available in the App Store, it’s hard to standout among the masses. Where Boy and the Seagull shines is in the hand-drawn pictures which are beautifully done. At our house, we don’t have any books featuring this medium and my daughter seems to enjoy it on our iPad.

It could be she really enjoys interacting with the iPad, but there are other apps we play with and Boy and the Seagull holds her attention fairly well. I’m sure the sound effects have a fair amount to do with it too.

At the time I started this review, Boy and the Seagull was $2.99 in the App Store and only available on the iPad. As of right now, this app is on sale for $1.99, which is a decent price for an interactive storybook like this.

Review Score: [3.75] Wonderful watercolor pages with some interactive games for the little ones to enjoy.


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