A Feeling of Security Thanks to Keeper Secure File Storage [App Review]

KeeperIconAt the beginning of July, I wrote an article about a few updates Keeper Security made to their mobile app. At that time a new feature called Secure File Storage was available on Android but wasn’t quite ready for iOS. Fortunately this feature made its way onto iOS near the end of July and it’s wonderful. We lead a vastly different digital life than we did just 5 short years ago and it’s important to keep your files safe so they don’t fall in the wrong hands. Today we are able to share important tax documents, photos and videos, or download credit card and bank statements amazingly fast. Are your digital files stored in a location that’s safe and secure or protected when disaster strikes? Keeper Security gives you the ability to store and share your files with peace of mind thanks to Secure File Storage.

First off, Secure File Storage is extremely easy to use! If you’ve created a folder to store files on your computers hard drive, you’re capable of using this new feature on the Keeper app. After you login to your Keeper account simply add a new folder and name it, give the file you added to Secure File Storage a title so you can easily recall what the item is. If you plan on sharing files, you are able to assign a login and password to protect them.

Why would you need a password if your files are already protect by Keeper’s military-grade encryption? With Secure File Storage you have the ability to share files with your contacts. If any information is personal or contains items that could lead to identity theft, it’s probably a good idea to assign a login and password to keep everything protected. This is a great example of how Keeper is constantly evolving to keep our most valuable information out of the wrong hands.

Another important feature Secure File Storage has is the encryption key they add during the upload process. Keeper doesn’t store any encryption keys, so all information relating to your files are held by you, the user, and no one else—brilliant!

If you feel you don’t need a feature like Secure File Storage, you should probably think again. Cloud based storage is extremely popular for business and personal use with how easy and convenient it is to access information across many different devices. Secure File Storage doesn’t complicate things either, it’s more secure. Businesses and consumers alike worry about information finding its way into the wrong hands, but you also need cloud based storage for disaster recovery too.

When I say disaster, you’re probably thinking more along the lines of a natural disaster. These cases are rare and do happen, but I’m thinking of a hard drive failure. This type of disaster is more common and I’m sure you might’ve experienced this once or twice in your computing lifetime. A hard drive failure can be sudden and unexpected or you may see signs of a failure looming. In either case, having some piece of mind knowing your files are safe as well as extremely secure is important and worth every penny.

Never worry again about losing important tax documents, wills, photos and videos of loved ones, mortgage documents, living wills, etc. I could go on and on about many different types of documents and files you can safely and securely store with Keeper through Secure File Storage. Also, with the ability to share these folders and files with friends and family members, you don’t have to worry about someone losing them. Everything is safe and sound in the cloud.

Lastly, everything you save in Secure File Storage doesn’t need to come directly from you iPhone or iPad. You can quickly add files from your home computer or laptop very easily too. Head over to keepersecurity.com and enter your login information and you’re able to add files directly from your computer. Once you’re done, jump on your iOS device, login and sync it with your Keeper vault and you now have access to these files in the cloud. Seriously, it’s just that simple.

Our digital lifestyles continue to grow with each new device and operating system that enable us to enjoy new advances in technology. Storing your information in the cloud can be a bit intimidating and Keeper realizes this and continually strives to develop ways to stay ahead of the game. Keeper is for life and is trusted by millions of users and companies worldwide because of their high level military-grade date encryption and privacy. If you ever have a problem, Keeper is there to help you with 24×7 tech support. They’ve got your back in so many ways.

I recently contacted tech support and received a response in less than five minutes. Once I confirmed my request, everything was taken care of lightning fast. This was the quickest response time I’d seen from any tech support—ever!

Secure File Storage can be added to your current subscription for under $1 per month. If you’re currently using Keeper to keep track of your passwords and you already have a subscription, you can add a Secure File Storage plan for as low as $9.99/yr. That’s less than $.03 a day. How secure and safe are your files? If you have any doubt, you need to subscribe today. Don’t let disaster strike without defending your information and files with the military-grade encryption and security millions of users have trusted for years. I recently started trusting Keeper Security to secure my files and you should too.

(5 / 5)



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