A Double Upgrade was Given to ‘Red Bull Air Race’ [News]

RedBullAirRaceTheGameIconEarly in 2015 the Red Bull Air Race World Championship took place in Abu Dhabi and shortly thereafter the virtual version you enjoy on your iOS device received an amazing double upgrade.

Red Bull Air Race is still available for free in the App Store and now offers you all eight aerial racetracks of the ongoing world championship spread across three continents. Win phenomenal prizes at new regional and global tournaments along with even more game content.

The all new single player campaign includes race locations for this year’s ongoing Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

If you play in the virtual tournament of Red Bull Air Race you’ll have a chance to win one of six tickets to the grand finale in Las Vegas, Nevada to become the Virtual Red Bull Air Race World Champion. The crowned champion will be presented with a trophy at a meet-and-greet with the world champion and you’ll also receive a tandem flight in an original Red Bull Air Race aircraft.IMG_4952

Key Features:

  • The official game of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship for iOS and Android
  • 2 different game modes: Career and Tournament
  • 9 unique locations on 3 continents: Pilot Camp in Slovenia and racetracks in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Rovinj (Croatia), Chiba (Japan), Las Vegas (USA), Ascot (UK), Fort Worth (USA), Budapest (HUN) and Spielberg (Austria)
  • More than 50 unique racetracks, including all official locations in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship
  • 16 different aircraft, including Extra 330LX, Extra 300SR, Edge 540, MXS-R, Edge 540 V3, and Corvus Racer, each with 5 upgrade packs and tons of different paint jobs
  • 3 different tournament modes with leaderboards: Global Tournament, Regional Tournament, and 2015 Virtual Red Bull Air Race World Championship
  • Over 200 races in the campaign mode
  • Rocking music by Heaven’s Basement, AWOLNATION, Blitz Kids, Five Knives, and Beartooth
  • Localized in 10 languages:  German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian
  • Regular content updated
  • Matchups against all of the Red Bull Air Race pilots in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

This is one hell of an update for Red Bull Air Race! The winner of the virtual tournament will receive a once in a lifetime opportunity for simply enjoying an app on their iOS device. Make sure and head over to the App Store to grab the update or download it for the very first time. It’s definitely an exciting racing game you’ll be hooked on almost immediately.

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