8 Wonderful Games for Kids in Brainbean

Brainbean_iconKids love playing on iOS devices. I can’t go into a restaurant these days without seeing at least one kid playing on an iPhone or iPad. I can’t blame them, they’re so much fun! Some parents are concerned about their children engaging with these devices too much. I agree and there needs to be a delicate balance. Thankfully there are educational applications like Brainbean they can interact with which are challenging and fun while also building cognitive and creative skills they’ll use in the future.

If your kids love playing games on the iPad, Brainbean could really shake things up since it was developed based on science. This education application helps exercise you child’s creativity while challenging and building cognitive skills.

There are 8 different games available for them to play with all of them helping develop problem solving skills, building creative confidence, testing memory, craft resourcefulness, and energizing imagination.

Games Included in Brainbean:

  • Letter List
  • Incomplete Figure
  • Remote Association
  • Patter Tiles
  • Word Scramble
  • Mosaic Colors
  • Lost Connections
  • Block Builder


Brainbean is for ages 10 and up. Adults will get a kick out of playing too. I found myself enjoying pattern tiles and lost connections. After playing through all of the other available games a few times, I jumped back to these two games so I could play for a little longer since I enjoyed them the most.

All the games available for your family to enjoy are wonderful, but I found the remote association to be a great game for building or testing a child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. In remote association, a part of a word is presented for your child to complete. The great thing about this game is there can be many different words your child can come up with. There’s not just one correct answer so you’re able to see just how expansive their vocabulary is if you’re watching them play.

Each game has a 90 second time limit so they’re racing the clock to beat their previous scores.

Brainbean games are based on scientific creative exercises, which means playing them offers creative and cognitive benefits. Whether they play for a few minutes or a few hours, they’re benefiting from scientifically developed gameplay.

Another great thing about Brainbean is each game will intelligently adapt the difficulty according to your child’s creative capabilities. Brainbean will challenge and reward their efforts by helping their brain develop amazing skills and abilities which will help them think creatively in the future outside the application.

Currently Brainbean is only available for iPad, but developers are working on expanding to iPhone and Apple TV. You can download it today in the App Store for only $1.99. If you’re looking to exercise your child’s creativity while building cognitive skills, you should check out Brainbean today.

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