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Another school year has begun and you’re struggling to get back into academic mode. Thankfully you’re iOS device is by your side and is there to help. If you’re at a loss for words on your next project or if you have a language class on your schedule, head over to the App Store and download an Oxford Dictionary by MobiSystems. Let us help you decide which one is right for you though first.

Why Oxford Dictionary?

When it comes to having a way with words, Oxford Dictionary is a Jedi Master. Whether you need a definition, pronunciation, translation to another language, or if you’re using a word correctly, you’ll start and finish with Oxford Dictionary.

Oxford Dictionary is full of industry leading information which helps you connect with languages across the globe. This is evident with the plethora of applications available for you to download in the App Store developed by MobiSystems.

Which one of these reference applications do you need on your smartphone or tablet? We’ll go through each of them individually to share their features so you can decide which one is right for you. Almost all of them share a lot of the same features, but each one is unique in how much information users can browse through.

Oxford Dictionaries in the App Store

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford DictionaryThis particular application of the Oxford Dictionary claims to be the “most comprehensive and accurate picture of the English language today.” Enjoy the very latest vocabulary with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings while also including updated encyclopedia information.

More supporting evidence to help prove it’s a great tool to use while exploring the English language is the search and learning tools. While inputing search information users will enjoy autocomplete functionality which quickly tries to predict what they’re looking for and presents it in list form underneath the search bar. If you misspell a word, Oxford Dictionary of English will suggest a word closely resembling what users input.

Hands down best feature of this application is the camera search. Allow the application access to your camera and place a word or words in the camera search area. Oxford Dictionary of English will quickly display selectable words you can tap to learn more about.

Users can create custom folders in the favorites section for quick recall or to enhance their vocabulary. If you forget a word you’ve previously engaged with, visit the recent tab to refresh your memory or save it in a recently created folder.

Another great way Oxford Dictionary of English helps improve your vocabulary is by offering a Word of the Day. Here you’ll discover new words or revisit those you already know. If you forget to engage with the application you can always go back and discover a previous days word.

Oxford Dictionary of Spanish

Oxford DictionaryIf you’re looking for the most widely used and authoritative Spanish bilingual dictionary available, this is it. It features over 300,000 words and phrases with over a half a million translations. Users also enjoy vast amounts of grammatical and usage information for both Spanish and English.

Users are given great search and learning tools in Oxford Dictionary of Spanish. While searching for a word users will enjoy the autocomplete feature which efficiently tries to predict the word they’re searching for. Keyword search gives users the ability to search within phrases or compound words.

Save favorites in customizable folders for quick recall and browse through recent searches to recall previous information.

Enjoy a Word of the Day, which is different, in both Spanish and English.

Oxford Dictionary of German

Oxford DictionaryAccurate and reliable information is jammed into Oxford Dictionary of German and you have full access to all of it after downloading this reference app. Enjoy over 320,000 words and phrases coupled with 520,000 translations. Vital information and usage notes are provided to users in both languages.

Oxford Dictionary of German provides valuable cultural notes, vowel length, and syllable stress in this powerful reference application.

Also included is powerful search tools to effortlessly find and discover words. Enjoy autocomplete functionality to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Auto correct function lets you replace letters or entire parts of words to aid in fast discovery.

Oxford Dictionary of German isn’t devoid of learning tools either. Create favorite folders to save words from an extensive library. Quickly recall words you’ve previously searched for via the recent list. Check out the Word of the Day section to help foster discovery and expand your vocabulary.

Oxford-Hachette Dictionary of French

Oxford DictionaryAccording to language professionals the world over, Oxford-Hachette Dictionary of French is viewed as the most complete and up-to-date dictionary you can get. Seem like to lofty of a claim, well it’s not. When it comes to written and spoken language it’s seen as the most comprehensive, reliable, and up-to-date reference of French and English on the market.

Easy to use interface tools are seen in Oxford-Hachette Dictionary of French which allows you to effortlessly find and discover words. With active search functionality words start populating in list form as soon as you begin typing. Predictive autocomplete tries to find words before you complete your search. Enjoy automatic correction functions to replace letters or entire parts of a word as you navigate through this powerful reference tool.

Engaging learning tools allow you to create folders where you can save favorite words or those to important to forget. Visit the recent list to recall some you’ve already discovered. Enjoy the Word of the Day feature to expand your vocabulary or remind you of those you don’t use very often.

Oxford Dictionary of Chinese

Oxford DictionaryAs soon as you’re done downloading Oxford Dictionary of Chinese by MobiSystems, you’ll own the most authoritative bilingual Chinese reference dictionary available. At your disposal is over 300,000 words and phrases, 370,000 translations, and thousands of example phrases to help you learn.

Integrated search functions allow you to quickly find words with an easy to use interface. A list of possible words populates as soon as you begin typing in the search field. This is allows you to find words fast and easy. Typos can be fixed by using the auto correct functions where you can replace letters or entire parts of a word.

Create folders to store words or phrases for quick recall at a later date. Navigate to the recent list to find previously viewed words. The Word of the Day feature helps expand your vocabulary each and every day.

Oxford Russian Dictionary

Oxford DictionaryIf you’re a student that is serious about learning Russian, you must download the 4th Edition of the Oxford Russian Dictionary. This reference application is filled with over 500,000 words, phrases, and translations. In addition to that users have access to hundreds of new words in both Russian and English. Great attention was given to Russian declension and conjugations to help you further hone your language skills.

Skillfully find words thanks to easy to use search tools. Autocomplete search populates a list of possible words to speed up the search process. Keyword lookup lets users search within compound words and phrases. Oxford Russian Dictionary also features autocorrect features to replace letters or entire phrases to keep the learning process flowing.

Identify favorite words or those you don’t want to forget by placing them in easy to create folders. This gives users the ability to quickly recall important words they don’t want to forget. Don’t worry if you forgot to add a word thanks to the easy to navigate recent list. Lastly, make sure to check out the Word of the Day section to keep the learning process going or to refresh your memory as your vocabulary continues to expand.

Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary

Oxford DictionaryFeaturing the greatest bilingual coverage than ever before, MobiSystems delivers the most complete and updated Italian dictionary with the Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionay. Enjoy 450,000 translations, 300,000 words and phrases, along with capturing idiomatic, colloquial, spoken, and written language. This is an amazingly powerful reference application for the Italian language.

Search features in this application are impressive with easy to use functionality and autocomplete listings which auto-populate as soon as you begin typing a word. Enjoy keyword lookup functionality by searching within compound words and phrases. Use your camera to search for words lightning fast when you place a word in the viewfinder.

Learning tools are powerful as well in Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary thanks to the ability to create folders where you can save lists of words for quicker recall. The recent list allows users to quickly recall those words previously discovered. Visiting the Word of the Day section regularly can help quickly expand your vocabulary.

Overall Functionality

Although each Oxford Dictionary by MobiSystems shares a lot of the same features and functions, they’re all unique in how full they are with useful information for each language. A running theme for each application is the vast amounts of useful information users will have right in their hands, which is easy to search and discover.

Search and learning tools are amazingly easy to use and very helpful to keep users on task and frustration free. It’s easy to give up on any reference application if it doesn’t foster the learning process. This will not be the case with each Oxford Dictionary discussed here. Great attention to detail was given to information included and functionality when developing these high functioning reference applications.

The apps we reviewed are free, so you do have to deal with ads. Some ads are shown at inopportune times, but it’s the price you pay for enjoying a free app which stores a lot of great information for you to use at a moments notice. To get rid ads, users have different in-app purchases available depending on which Oxford Dictionary they’re using.

Audio pronunciation is a premium feature and requires an in-app purchase to unlock.

With back-to-school season in full swing, students are looking for applications to make this academic year a little easier. Those looking for bilingual dictionaries will be very pleased with an Oxford Dictionary application from MobiSystems. School just got a little easier this year.

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