7 Items to Take Your iPhone Photos to the Next Level

With the holidays right around the corner, some of you may be looking for some last minute gift ideas. If there is someone on your list that uses their iPhone to take a lot of pictures, these 7 gift ideas are right up their alley. For those of you looking for clever ways to use our iPhones to take pictures, you will benefit from them too.


  1. HiLo lens: This lens is perfect for taking those shots where you need to be on the same level as your subject. Best examples of this is for shooting pictures of your kids or even animals. This lens, essentially, rotates your camera 90 degrees to get those great shots without having to crawl on the ground to get the same effect. $70Olloclip
  2. Olloclip lens: There are four different lenses you can use with this addition to your iPhone, which doesn’t require a case. Clip this to the upper lefthand corner of your iPhone and you get 4 different lenses: fish-eye, wide-angle, & two macros (10x & 15X). $70JellyLensFilter
  3. Jelly lens filter: Do you know someone who loves using filters, but hates having to use a case? This is the perfect fit for them. These lenses stick right to the back of the iPhone with a gummy reusable adhesive. Once you find the filter you want to use, take the shot, remove the filter and put them right back in your pocket. It’s that simple. $8Shutterball
  4. Shutterball: This little gadget will be great to use with the next item on this list since you will be able snap pictures on your iPhone. You must be within 60 feet of your device. Setup that perfect group photo without having to leave someone out or asking a bystander to take it for you. $25GripTightGorillaStand
  5. GripTight GorillaPod Stand: Give your iPhone greater photo flexibility with this “go anywhere” and “attach to odd places” stand. Other iPhone tripods can’t compete with this baby. It can attach to poles, tree limbs, fences, car rearview mirrors, etc, but still able to conform to the traditional tripod position for photos. Great accessory to have if you’re using your iPhone a lot for photos. $30HolgaCaseLens
  6. Holga Case Lens: This little beauty doubles as a iPhone case with 9 different filters. Turn on your camera, select the filter you wish to use, and snap your photo. Filters are on a dial, so finding the one you wish to use is very simple. Import the photos into apps like Instagram or Mextures and add more effects to your photos to personalize your creation like never before. $27-29MotrrGalileo
  7. Motrr Galileo: Want to take perfect panoramas or time lapse shots? Then you’ll need Motrr Galileo. Instead of trying to keep a steady hand while shooting, set this up and shoot absolutely perfect photos. This motorized dock will slowly rotate to easily take those panoramic photos you thought only professionals could get. The dock can be controlled remotely by a third party app too. Create time-lapse shots with Motrr Galileo as well. $150

Cameras on smart phones have come a long way over the years. Adding some of these items can help you unlock some of your iPhones potential. Hopefully some of these ideas let you finalize those last few items or ideas on your Christmas shopping list for your loved ones.

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