5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your App Store Search

With an increasing number of apps vying for customers in the app store, mobile developers have to work hard to stand out from the pack. At Gummicube, they utilize the latest app store optimization techniques to boost distribution by increasing overall search rankings for a product. Understanding that ASO is a constantly moving target, we continuously adjust keywords and other features based on real data and search trends. Here are 5 of our top tips for revamping your app store search in 2015:

  1. Consider a Different Category

Not achieving the download rates you desire for your app? The problem may not be your product but the category you chose. When optimizing your app store listing, take care when choosing both the primary and secondary category. The goal is to expose your app to the maximum number of highly qualified searchers.

  1. Utilize Analytics

It’s not enough to create a great listing for your app; you must also utilize the latest analytics to update your listing regularly. At Gummicube, we utilize search trend data and semantics to help app marketers develop their listings. Further, our automation tools deliver superior ASO results while saving youvaluable time each month.

  1. Conduct Focus Group Testing2015-02-11-Gummicube2

Focus group testing is an essential part of the app store optimization process. Understanding that many users reject apps based on screenshots and other seemingly superficial content, we host mobile app focus groups with users who are genuinely interested in trying your product. You can improve your app title and description while gaining valuable insight into the minds of prospective buyers.

  1. Solicit Feedback

The fact is that user ratings and reviews have a significant effect on overall search rankings for your app. As a result, it’s crucial that mobile developers solicit feedback for their products. At Gummicube, we revamp your app store search by inviting our own community of users to try your products and provide useful feedback.

  1. Develop Your Description

With so much competition in the App Store, it’s essential that developers find an effective way of conveying a product’s purpose. While you may be tempted to oversell your product in the description, doing this can aggravate users, who may demonstrate their disdain by leaving you a bad review. For best results, you should describe your app accurately while pointing out all the best features to potential buyers. Additionally, you should conduct focus group testing to ensure the description is liable to draw an audience.

Let Gummicube Revamp Your ASO

At Gummicube, we pride ourselves on leading the charge when it comes to app store optimization. Visit our blog for more great app marketing tips and then contact us to launch your campaign.


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