5 Settings to Put iOS 7 to Work For You

When you start rummaging through the many layers of iOS 7 on iPhone, you can find some really awesome features. If you haven’t already found these gems, you should look and see if taking advantage of these functions might help you on a daily basis. These five functions can come in handy when interacting with loved ones, all the way down to those you hope to never hear from again.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of passwords for all those accounts online. Some of them may have a string of capitalized letters. Rather than constantly going back and hitting the shift key/up arrow, simply tap it twice and caps lock is engaged. Now you have the ability to shout in your text messages quickly…that’s right, get the anger out. 


Want your loved ones to know you read their text messages? Simply go to Settings> Messages> and turn on “Send Read Receipts.” Read will be displayed under your iMessage when the iMessage recipient opened the text. This will only be displayed to those contacts using and receiving iMessages. Now this is a double edged sword since all iMessages you send will show a read receipt. So if your boss texts you to be in early tomorrow and you have this turned on, they will show a read receipt once you open the message. You’ll have a hard time explaining yourself if you don’t show up early as instructed. Hopefully in future updates Apple will allow this feature to be added to only certain contacts. I have this function turned off, so you might want to go check and see if you have this turned on if you want to avoid an awkward situation.


Setup custom vibrations to assign to certain contacts, phone calls, texts, etc. This is a great feature that a lot of people don’t know about. To start using this go to Settings> Sounds> and under Sounds and Vibration Patterns, select the function you want to edit. If you want to change the Voicemail vibration, select that function and scroll to the top and then select Vibration. In there you will find Standard vibrations or you can create a Custom vibration. Once you create your custom vibration, you can name it for quick reference. To add a specific ringtone and vibration to a specific contact, go into your contacts and select the contact you want to edit. Once you selected the contact, tap edit and scroll down to edit vibration for either the Ringtone or Text Tone. If you want the custom vibration to be used for phone calls and texts, you must select it for both functions. It’s a pretty neat way to know if someone specific from your contacts is trying to get ahold of you without having your phone in plan view. Think of this as iPhone’s way of helping you mind your manners in professional settings.


Create specific shortcuts. If you text or type the same things over and over and over again on a daily basis, setup text shortcuts to make interacting with your iOS device more enjoyable. To set these up go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Add New Shortcut> From here you simply type the phrase you want to send out, i.e., “Arrived at work honey, love and miss you guys!” Next, a minimum of two characters must be set to trigger this phrase. Once it is activated, you simply enter the shortcut and hit the space bar and your phrase will be entered into the text area where you entered the shortcut. You can set this up for your email address too. So, for example, if you have a yahoo email address you use frequently, simply type in your email, example@yahoo.com, and for the shortcut enter something like, @yahoo and it will automatically input your email address when this is typed out. This is a great function to utilize across your iOS devices if there are things you enter routinely.


Are you receiving unwanted calls, texts or FaceTime requests? Now in iOS 7 you can block phone numbers from ever getting through to you again. Go over to Settings> Phone> Blocked> and select “Add New” to select a contact you would like to block. If this person eventually gets in your better graces, you can unblock them by simply editing the blocked list. This phone number must be in your contacts in order to add them, so if you’re getting a random phone number calling you, just simply add them to your contacts and give them a really awesome name, like Stranger Danger so you can easily find the crazies you want blocked. 

These are just five of the hundreds of functions your iPhone with iOS 7 is capable of handling. With each update come new or revised functionality. If you have a favorite function you use in iOS 7, please share it with me on Twitter @iOSAppCritic or by adding a comment below.

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