5 Minutes to Delete iPhone Photos

delete iPhone photos

Switching to the 128GB iPhone and iPad was probably one of the smartest iOS moves I’ve made over the years. There is a downside though, I can’t seem to effectively delete iPhone photos and videos. Are you guilty of this too?

With nearly 1500 photos it’s quite a daunting task to try and go through them all at once. Instead, I took five minutes a day to go through them and in just a couple days I was able to reduce the amount of photos I have on my iPhone 6s Plus to just under 700.

It’s very easy and you can do it too!

Carve out five minutes of your day and set a timer on your iOS device. Hit start and jump into the native Photos app and begin at the very top of your camera roll (oldest photos first). When you start at the beginning, you’re able to let those most recent photos you’ve taken reach the end of their “must-have” life, which means you’re less attached and more likely to delete them.

When it comes to deleting your photos, try doing it from the Photos view (bottom left) in the Moments category. From here you’re pictures are grouped together by date which allows you to select entire groups of photos to delete. If you’re looking for the fastest way to select photos, we explained how this iOS 9 feature works in a previous article.

Once your five minutes is up, jot down the date you’re on in the Notes app. Now when you’re ready to take five minutes deleting photos again tomorrow you have a date to quickly refer back to. Do you recall how we talked about viewing photos in the Moments view? This is the quickest way to get back to where you left off.

Remember, it’s all about doing this quickly and effectively so it doesn’t seem like such a huge pain to delete unwanted media while freeing up precious storage space. Just remember to go into the Recently Deleted album to permanently delete the items you just removed. If you don’t remove this media it will take 30 days from the date you deleted them before they’re gone. This means you’re storage space isn’t free until they’re removed.

By taking just five minutes a day, you’ll easily free up tons of space on your iOS devices. Once you get into the groove you’ll see just how effective this is. Actions become habit and the more often you take 5 minutes to delete iPhone photos the easier it will be to get rid of the excess. For more tips, subscribe to iOS etc or follow us on our social media accounts.

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