5 iPhone Casino Games You Can Play Live on Your Device

I’ve not always been a fan of casino apps. I’m a person who prefers to go into a real casino and get the real feel of it. The sounds of the machines, dice rolling across the table and cards being shuffled. That’s what makes a real casino and it’s a great feeling. Being so busy I have no time to go to a casino plus the closest one to me is about 20 miles. So I went on a mission to find an app that gives me the same kind of feeling of being at a casino without leaving the comfort of my sofa. I found Grosvenor Live Casino for iPhone and iPad.

The app allowed me to have a live casino experience from my iPad. There’s five casino games available in the app and they are all live. Yes you heard me, live, with real dealers, 24/7, 365 days of the year. You honestly feel as though you are at a casino. Take a seat and enjoy some quality gaming at either a Live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold’em or 3 Card Poker table. The dealers are so professional and friendly and I like that when you join a game they actually welcome you by name. The streaming of the table to my iPad is in stunning HD and the videos are clear and no issues with sound.


Grosvenor Live Casino is free to download and you can get yourself started with any game. If you’re new to Grosvenor Casinos, you can sign up quickly and easily through the app. Or, if you already have a Grosvenor online account, simply log in with your account details and start playing Roulette immediately. I mention Roulette because it’s my favourite casino game and probably the easiest to play. Once you tap on Live Roulette and select a name you get taken to the table, you will no doubt be greeted by the dealer. You can say hello by typing your reply. If you have any questions for the dealers you can just ask and they will answer instantly, there is no time delay. On your screen you will also see what numbers and colours have played and how many times they have played. With the Roulette table your minimum bet is £0.50 and maximum is £50,000. The odds on your winning is quite good too.

Get immersed in a full casino experience and the action never stops. It is like sitting at a real casino table. New customers do get a £20 bonus and the app is always offering some kind of promotion. Grosvenor Live Casino App is available to only UK customers. The app gives you that real life experience of a casino, right at your fingertip. Play wherever, whenever.

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