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slither_app_iconLooking for an addictive live PvP arcade style game? We found just what you’re looking for and it’s called Slither.io. Join other players in a live eat or be eaten digital dining experience as you compete for daily world dominance.

The overall name of the game is eat, eat, attack, eat, and eat. There are digital dots spread across the game board for you to chew on which help you grow. Maneuvering your way in front of another player could result in a tasty meal for you too. If you get another snakes head to run into your body, you’ll end their game and enjoy their digital remains, which allows you to grow even bigger.

One thing you’ll quickly realize with Slither.io is just how addictive this PvP game really is. You’re constantly learning from how others creatively and maliciously end your life. It doesn’t take you long to learn a few more techniques on how to extend your snakes length and life thanks to watching the creativeness of other players. Use what you’ve learned from others to join another game and feast on.

Your ultimate goal is to be the largest snake of the day where you’ll be able to post a message to the world, MWAHAHAHA!!

Instead of spending countless hours learning from other players though, I’ve put together five tips you can utilize to jumpstart your success on Slither.io.

Keep Your Distance

The best way to grow in Slither.io is to avoid conflict. There’s a radar screen at the bottom righthand side of the display where you’re represented by a little white dot. The online version has a of lot clutter near the center of the map which is what you’ll want to avoid if you need to go through some growing pains. If you stick to the outer perimeters you can gobble up some digital dots and avoid some conflicts on the peripheral. Unfortunately we didn’t notice the clutter on the iOS app version so we stuck to those areas with the fewest foes.

Aggressiveness Pays Off

If being aggressive is more your speed, than you’re going to love Slither.io. Stalk your prey or come up along side them and turn in front of them so they crash headfirst into your body and then let the feast begin. Your best chance of taking advantage of this opportunity knocking on your door is by using a strategically placed speed burst to dart in front of them at the last second. This technique in the real world is known to lead to road rage, which probably still invokes rage but at least you don’t have to face their wrath in he digital world.


Speed Boosting

If you’ve already played Slither.io then you’ve probably noticed, and been a victim, of this feature. If you’d like to take advantage of this too, simply double tap on the screen and hold for the app version and for the online version simply tap and hold the mouse button and release when done needing a boost. The only downside to using this feature is you’ll lose a bit of length during your boost. If you’re able to invoke a kill it’s worth the loss in length. This technique is used best when you’re right next to another player and can sneak perfectly in front of them at the perfectly timed moment. If you’re just starting out you won’t be able to enjoy this boost for very long since you’re just a baby snake. Don’t worry though, grab a few more digital dots and you’ll be using it in no time.

Stalk the Conflicts

While slithering around collecting those glowing digital dots, you’re bound to run into others trying to kill each other. As they battle it out you can stay close by since one of them is bound to be taken out. When this happens you can swoop in and gobble up the particles of the recently deceased. Sure the one doing the killing will be annoyed but the deceased will be glad you’re defending their honor by not letting their enemy reap all the benefits of their ultimate demise. While you’re in there scooping up particles, you can try and take out the killer if you’d like. If you’ve been taking the aggressive approach to getting bigger, nows a good time to test out some of those skills you’re working on.

Bigger is Better, but Watch Out

Being big is great in Slither.io but you’ll have a bigger target on your back. The best way to use your length to your advantage is to give your enemy no way to escape by surrounding them with your body. Unlike the classic Snake game, don’t lie, you remember playing it, when you run into your own body in Slither.io you don’t kill yourself. This is a great strategy to use to eliminate the little guys, but be careful since the smaller a snake is the more maneuverable they are, which can be bad for the big guys so use caution.

Slither.io is an extremely addictive PvP game and I highly recommend playing it. We’ve experienced some lag on their servers which is a bummer but we keep coming back for more in-app and online. It seems as though Slither.io could be having some growing pains of their own. As they continue to expand so will their servers so hopefully this is just temporary.

There are a couple different ways you can play too. Play online via the browser version at slither.io or download the iOS version in the App Store. Either way you choose to enjoy the game you’re going to view some ads, so be prepared. This game will quickly pull you in and capture your attention for hours if not days. Its concept is so simple but it pulls you in and holds your attention while it calls you back for more when you’re not playing.

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