5 Diy Ideas To Paint The Headboard Of Your Room

The classic, retro, new trend … Current paintings allow you to cover a huge variety of styles. We offer you five ideas that work to paint the headboard of your room. Choose, and you will be right.

Geometric shapes: It is one of the trends in vogue at the moment. We need bodybuilding tape and minimal planning before we get to work, but it will certainly be worth it. You can combine different shades if you want to superimpose several figures, and for this, you can use, for example, the scented paintings offered by Blatem in its Fragrances series. Choose between the smell of lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, or orange blossom, among others, and, by the way, say goodbye to the annoying smell of paint that for a few days permeates a freshly painted room.

Feng Shui: Does everyday stress you? Too many worries? Turn your bedroom into a place of recollection and balance, oblivious to everyday worries, by painting a headboard based on the principles of this philosophical system of Chinese origin. The Painting Feng Shui Blatem, you can harmonize the space and get the positive influence you need to rest and face each new morning.

Magnet Painting: You may not have thought about it before, but a headboard that is both a magnet will give an industrial style to your bedroom that you surely love. Painting a headboard with the Blatem Magnet Paint is also ideal for children’s rooms, in which the little ones can place magnetized toys, such as letters and numbers of colors.

Slate effect: One of the most cutting-edge trends in decoration is the slate effect paint, with which almost any surface can be transformed into a classic slate. If instead of a classic slate, you prefer a dry slate, then your product is Labeling. The smallest of the house will love both solutions because they can spend the day drawing on the walls without this being a problem.

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