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The fall semester is nearly over, did your iOS device help you get some of your homework or group projects done? OfficeSuite by MobiSystems wants to make your life a little bit easier next semester if you said no. OfficeSuite has one of the most familiar desktop-inspired user interfaces I’ve ever experience when it comes to word processing. It’s also very inexpensive when you compare it to other heavy hitters in the productivity arena. Best of all, it’s more than just an office app.

One thing is for sure, you won’t compromise while using OfficeSuite. This robust software has amazing power and capability and lets you use your iPhone or iPad to complete projects. Import documents created by other word processing software and keep editing right in OfficeSuite. This means you can start a project in Microsoft Word and import it into OfficeSuite and continue working. Documents can then be saved and opened in Microsoft WordOffice 365Pages, and many other applications.

If you’re worried about using different productivity suite software, just relax. OfficeSuitefeels as though you’ve been using it for years. Familiar menu tabs run along the top of your projects and reveal many familiar features and functions.

OfficeSuite supports all Microsoft Office formatting so you don’t need to worry about interface issues when collaborating on documents. Open and edit files from team members working on different software or platforms. Rest easy knowing your file can and will be opened and edited flawlessly by others.

Enjoy auto-correct while you type with OfficeSuite too. Again, everything feels very familiar, except for the user experience being on an iOS device.

OfficeSuite gives you four powerful applications all rolled into one download in the App Store. A monthly or yearly subscription unlocks all the Premium features and functions. This productivity suite includes Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and a PDF viewer and editor. Each function feels separate and unique without ever leaving OfficeSuite.

I really enjoy using OfficeSuite on my iPhone and iPad. And thanks to iCloud syncing, I can pick up a project right where I left off. This allows me to be productive while on the go. I’m never far away from my all my projects.

Each application within OfficeSuite is unique and easy to use, but let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can do in each of them.

OfficeSuite Presentations

If you’ve used Power PointOfficeSuite Presentations will look and feel very familiar. If you haven’t previously used your iOS device to complete projects it will take a little time to get used to touching and tapping your iOS device screen as a project evolves. After a bit it feels more natural. When transitioning back to my MacBook, I found myself touching and swiping the laptop screen instead of touching the trackpad. I got a few weird glances from those around me when this happened.

Add and edit slides quickly thanks to basic menu functions in Presentations. Each menu tab presents new functions for customizing your work. I find OfficeSuite Presentations to be easier to use on my iPad than PowerPoint on my MacBook. With PowerPoint there are numerous menus and functions to decipher. With Presentations, everything you need is tucked behind a menu so you’re only a few clicks away from completing a task or editing a slide. This layout provides somewhat of distraction free workspace.

officesuite_ss1Customizing slides is a breeze too. If there are images on your iOS device you would like to add, simply insert them by allowing OfficeSuite access to your photos. A great way to get ready for a project is move all the images you plan on using in a new album. This way when it’s time to import them you know right where to go and they’re all in one place. This will save you time and frustration if you wait till the last minute to complete your work.

If there are numerous team members collaborating on a project you can also start a shared photo stream where everyone can add images. With everyones images in one place team members are able to discuss which items are best to keep the project moving forward.

OfficeSuite Spreadsheets

The very first time I opened Microsoft Excel many years ago it seemed completely overwhelming. Now that I’ve been using Excel for a while it’s not quite as intimidating. With that being said, I still encounter a few speed bumps from time to time. OfficeSuiteSpreadsheets isn’t without its own overwhelming characteristics. If you don’t have a little experience with spreadsheet software, it’s going to be a little frustrating at first. Don’t worry though, it feels the same way if you were just starting on a desktop computer or laptop. Spreadsheet software requires a lot of inputs to get everything to work properly anyway no matter what device you’re working from.

Once inside OfficeSuite Spreadsheets though everything is very easy to find. Menus run along the top which is where you find all your functions and customization features. Those of you familiar with inputing functions manually will be glad to see it’s exactly the same as other applications you’re familiar with. If you prefer to create functions by clicking through the menus, Spreadsheets will let’s you do that as well.

Easily import and edit different spreadsheet documents created in different applications. Spreadsheets you create are viewable in similar applications so there’s no need to worry about any compatibility issues.

Save and share your documents right from the cloud since OfficeSuite syncs with your iCloud account. This is another example of your work being readily accessible on any iOS device.

officesuite_ss2OfficeSuite Documents

If you only use one application in OfficeSuite it will most likely be Documents. Why, because it’s a powerful word processing application and it’s terrific. As previously discussed with Spreadsheets and Presentations, editing menus run along the top with different customization tools tucked underneath each one.

Documents is similar to using Word on an iOS device. They’re so strikingly similar it’s hard to tell which ones which. Creating and editing projects in OfficeSuite Documents is amazingly easy. Quickly change font and size, copy and paste, strikethrough, add a hyperlink, create numbered lists, etc., by selecting through different menus. Everything you need is easily accessible.

One feature I like to is distraction free writing. This clears the screen and shows only the project canvas. Being able to focus only on writing without any other distractions is great for productivity.

OfficeSuite PDF Files

If you’re looking to import PDFs on your iOS device, OfficeSuite has exactly what you need. The options available in the way of PDF productivity is bountiful and easy to use for this application.

Easily search for text or phrases, add notes, highlight important information, sign documents, and much more. It’s so easy to use the PDF functions within OfficeSuite.

OfficeSuite Premium Features:
  • officesuite_ss3Protect your documents – Add passwords and restrict access to OfficeSuite using Touch ID
  • Annotate PDFs and fill forms – Create and edit annotations; fill-in and save editable PDF forms
  • Save as PDF – Create PDFs from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with no loss of formatting
  • Edit PDF documents – Convert any PDF to a fully-editable Word, Excel, or ePub file
  • Sign your PDF files – Use Quick Sign to easily add digital signatures to your PDFs
  • Restrict access to OfficeSuite and password-protect your valuable files using advanced 256-bit encryption!
  • Save as legacy Microsoft formats – Save your documents as .DOC and .XLS for maximum compatibility
  • Open ODF documents – Read .ODT, .ODS, and .ODP files
  • Get extra fonts – 70+ essential fonts, such as Tahoma, Calibri, and Wingdings
OfficeSuite Subscription Information
  • Get OfficeSuite Premium for $3.99/month or $19.99/year.
  • You can access OfficeSuite Premium through the “Go Premium” button within the application.
  • OfficeSuite Premium subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
  • Subscription will be automatically renewed unless cancelled before the subscription end date.
  • View Private Policy and Terms of Use by clicking here

OfficeSuite Pricing

Pricing for OfficeSuite is very similar to Office 365 University. Where pricing strategies begin to diverge is when you graduate from college and head into the workforce. To enjoy all the available features OfficeSuite offers it will only cost you $19.99 a year ($1.67 per month) or $3.99 for a monthly subscription.

When your four years of college is over, OfficeSuite is still $19.99 a year or $3.99 a month. If you subscribe to Office 365 University you’ll purchase a 4-year subscription for $79.99 and after your subscription term users are switched to Office 365 Personal, which costs $69.99 per year (first year is $34.99 at 50% off).

If you don’t want to spend nearly 3 times more money on word processing software after college, you might want to get comfortable using OfficeSuite. With zero compatibility issues, it just makes more sense to save your money and stick with OfficeSuite for the long haul.

Final Thoughts

Previously I tried to ditch my MacBook for a short period of time to fully embrace completing all my work on an iPad. I found it to be very limiting in what I was able to complete at that time. Software advances have been plentiful across different platforms and many devices. Nowadays it’s much easier to leave my computer home and just use my iOS devices. I no longer feel like I have to compromise when completing projects on my iOS device, especially my iPad Air 2.

Many tasks only a desktop or laptop could complete are now just as easy to take on with one of my iOS devices. OfficeSuite unlocks full word processing power, expense sheet creation and eye popping presentation making capabilities on your iOS devices for a low price.

One of my favorite things about OfficeSuite is you don’t have to settle for less or compromise. Instead, it feels like you’re using the same software you would on any other computer but on a compact mobile device. It feels familiar and is user friendly on so many levels.

Lastly, the ability to sync your files to the cloud is very easy with OfficeSuite. This allows you to keep your projects within an arms reach and accessible on any device. Also, if you need to work on a project while at school or work and Office 365 is your only option, don’t panic. You’re able to easily import these files and pick up right where you left off. OfficeSuite allows you to avoid paying higher prices on similar software while still completing your projects on time with zero compromises. You get the best of both worlds with OfficeSuite.

OfficeSuite is Available Now

OfficeSuite is available to download in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The free version has a lot of great features but it does limit your overall capabilities. An OfficeSuite subscription will only set you back $19.99 a year which is a great price considering all you get for just over $1 a month. Any student on a budget knows a dollar a month for a powerful productivity suite of software is an amazing deal! Check it out, we highly recommend it and believe you’ll get the most use out of it on your iPad since the screen size is larger making it that much more user friendly.

For best results on your iPad, I would suggest using a iPad case with a Bluetooth keyboard. The case I used with my iPad during my review of OfficeSuite was a Clamcaseby Incipio, which you can purchase here.

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