3D Journey Awaits in Platformer Dragon Land


Social Point has just released a brand new 3D platformer on iOS and Android in which you play as a dragon who has to set off on an adventure to rescue his kidnapped friends from the evil Borg.

And that involves running, jumping, defeating enemies, and collecting items like coins, crystals, and secret keys in over a hundred beautiful levels.

You’ll unlock a new playable dragon each time you complete an episode. Each one has its own abilities that can help you progress in later levels like gliding or climbing walls, and you can increase a dragon’s strength by levelling it up.

If you don’t have much time to play through a campaign level, you can check out quick play mode instead which offers a brief adventure where you have to gather up as many coins as you can while running away from a ghost, earning a better reward the more you gather.

There’s also a multiplayer tournament in which you race against up to three other dragons through a level, using your abilities to try and get the upper hand. This mode is ranked so you’ll earn more rewards for finishing higher in the table.

You can get Dragon Land right now for free.


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