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konami slotsLet me just start off by saying I’m not a gambler, I don’t go to Vegas on the reg, and downloading a slots app is the last thing I ever imagined I would be doing. So when a business colleague of mine contacted me about checking out a free Vegas casino slot machine app called Konami Slots, I was a bit apprehensive. Having worked with him before and had a great experience, I figured sure, why not? I’m always looking for ways to expand my outlook in the App Store and figured this was an opportunity staring me right in the face.

Since I’m not the gambling type I was certain Konami Slots was going to entertain me for a period of time for a full review and I would quickly delete it from my iPhone 6s Plus and my memory. Well folks, either my entertainment threshold is extremely low or developers over at PlayStudios are really good at changing my impression of how fun these games can actually be!

My initial impression of Konami Slots wasn’t great but the more I engaged with the app, the more I wanted to check out all the layers and unlock more slots and stockpile points and rewards. Each spin takes some of your chips, obviously, but the more times you play and the more chips you use on each spin the more points and experience you get for different categories. It sounds confusing, but let me help you try to digest how it all works.

How to Play

You start off with 50,000 chips and if you connect your Facebook account you’ll receive an additional 25,000 chips. The first game available to play is Lotus Land. Each spin will cost you a certain amount of chips, but you can “bet max” to receive the highest payouts. Keep in mind though the more chips you bet the quicker you’ll lose them.

With each spin you’re collecting points to unlock tickets to use on the Super Lucky Machine, which looks like one of those lucky cats with one arm waving. You’re also working on collecting experience points on each spin. As you gain more experience, you’re able to increase your max bet amount and unlock more games. With each new level of experience you’ll also receive more tickets to use on the Super Lucky Machine.

Another item you’re working on throughout the game is Loyalty Points. These points are earned through playing the games, interacting with friends and more. Points are used to redeem different rewards from available partners. If you’re heading out Las Vegas soon, you might want to start stockpiling points so you can score an exclusive room rate of only $129 per night at the Bellagio. There are so many rewards you can cash in on throughout Las Vegas. I also noticed there were rewards you can redeem on a Royal Caribbean cruise, so it’s best to check out all your options before cashing in your points.

Keep an eye out on the progressive pot games since you can win some huge chip jackpots.

konami slots


As I mentioned before, I’m not a regular at places with slot machines or blackjack tables, so seeing my chip count dwindling was quite traumatizing. Thankfully I didn’t have to make an initial deposit for these chips or I would’ve been losing my mind. Within about 10 minutes I had exhausted nearly all of my chips and didn’t have enough to spin on the lowest bet level… Oops.

Instead of using an in-app purchase to get more chips, I took a break from the app. After an hour or so I jumped back into Konami Slots and visited the big fat cat with the waving arm to cash in some of those lucky tickets to see what I could get. Thankfully this cat liked me and gave me around 200,000 chips after using roughly 45-50 tickets in my stash.

Immediately I jumped back into a few of the games I was playing before and eventually got my balance up to around 21 million chips. Essentially I went from rags to riches in about an hour and a half.

Pay to Play?

With in-app purchases available you’re easily able to continue extending the fun, but do your really need to? It all depends on how much fun you’re having and if you’re able to wait for more free options to gain chips. For me, I’m solely playing for entertainment purposes only and don’t see any need to purchase additional chips with the free options available. If you’re trying to stock up on loyalty points and you’re very close to a reward, it might be a good idea to spend some money so you can cash in on something cool.

Basically what I’m trying to say is who am I to tell you how to spend your money? I’m sure I spend cash on apps you would consider completely worthless, but I’m not losing any sleep over it, so why should I care if you spend your hard earned money on Konami Slots? It’s exciting winning and stocking up points for rewards, so I understand now why people like playing these style of games.

Konami Slots is available as a free download in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad. If you’re an Android user, it’s available in the Google Play store too. There are in-app purchases available for users who run out of chips. Keep an eye out for in-app purchase deals while playing since you can score some extra chips if you make your purchase during these bonus periods.

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