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diep.ioJust when we were getting over our addiction to Agar.io and Slither.io, another PvP style game has found its way into the App Store sending us into relapse. Gamers, I introduce to you Diep.io and it’s just as good as the others with a bit more strategy involved.

Trial and error are vital to building a successful tank to challenge your online foes. When and how to upgrade your tank is all based on personal preferences and it can be a bit confusing figuring everything out in the first 10-15 minutes.

How to Play Diep.io

Before we dive down the rabbit hole on strategy, let’s first get the basics on iOS gameplay. Use the left side of your devices screen to move your tank in all directions. The right side of the screen rotates and fires your tanks guns.

Moving and firing is very basic yet controls are responsive without feeling too touchy. This smoothness allows you to move fairly flawlessly around the map.

Yellow, red, and purple shapes are found throughout the map and re-spawn in different areas of the map after players destroy them for experience. Each of these shapes have different experience values assigned to them.

The more shapes and tanks you destroy, the more experience you get which allows players to level up their tank and skills. Which upgrades you choose is dependent upon your own strategy, but choose wisely. If you’re destroyed, you start right back at level one.

Diep.io Visuals

If you haven’t played these PvP games we’ve been covering recently, you don’t play for the visuals, you come to beat some ass and get your gaming fix all while trying to survive.

Do you remember playing Excite Bike or Duck Hunt on Nintendo? The concept was basic and very addictive, yet the visuals were never anything to get excited about. You played for the sport and excitement of having fun. That’s what Diep.io is, simple, fun, and addictive gameplay which keeps you on your toes when it comes to developing a strategy, but you always come back for more.

Is Diep.io Addictive?

Is the Pope catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Do you still remember your first love? Yes, yes, and yes, it’s extremely addictive! Previously we reviewed Agari.io and Slither.io and both of these games share some of the same characteristics of Diep.io. Of these three games, Diep.io is by far our favorite thus far, and not because it’s the most recent. Formulating an effective strategy to take down other players is fun to develop and adds an additional layer of desire to keep playing.


Diep.io Game Tactics and Strategies

Option #1: Bull in a Chinashop

You’re in a tank which means you can destroy things by ramming or shooting them. In order to inflict more damage on your foes, you need to upgrade your body damage skill. Shoot as many particles as you can until you get to level five. Now add the experience to your body damage skill, max health, and health regenerate.

Armed with enough health and body damage skills you’re able to run into things more aggressively. When you use this strategy you need to be aware of your health levels. As you continue to level up, keep adding to your regen health and max health.

It’s also a good idea to up your skills in gun damage to help fool opponents into thinking you have a gunner type of tank. This will allow you to get close enough to them so you can crash into them at full force.

Option #2: Bulldozer Destroyer

From the start solely focus on health regeneration. Max out regen health then switch to body damage. If you would like, you can alternate between these two skills until they’re maxed out.

Add max health and then stop shooting blocks. Instead of shooting shapes, start running into them. You’ll get experience much quicker and you don’t have to worry about shooting them anymore.

As soon as you’re able to select your tank upgrade, choose machine gun class, then destroyer class, and finally Mega Destroyer. Now start maxing out health, damage, and regen health. Once you’re comfortable with your tank skills, focus your attention on reload speed.

Option #3: Trigger Happy

Start out getting gun damage up to five. Next get regen health up to 3 and select the twin guns upgrade as soon as available. Alternate between regen health and max health till level 5 for both. Next get body damage to level 5. From here you can spread skill upgrades according to how aggressive or tame things are for your game board.

Generally speaking, I like to focus on upgrading gun damage, regen health, and max health. These skills let me cause some damage quicker than other strategies I’ve tried.

After all the other skills are maxed out, upgrade reload and body damage in alternating fashion.

Our Thoughts

Diep.io is amazingly entertaining and very addictive. The strategy aspect of gameplay adds another layer of fun which you don’t get in Agar.io and Slither.io. There are numerous ways to attack your enemies and this keeps you coming back for more while fine tuning your strategies.

Graphics and controls are very basic which also makes Diep.io fun and easy to play. We’re always a fan of PvP style games since it lets you square off against humans rather than a computer.

There is a desktop version available users can enjoy and it’s a bit more intense and fun than the iOS version. The strategies I mentioned above are for the app version though. The desktop version has more upgradeable skills than the app. Before I ventured online to play, I got my feet underneath me with the App Store version.

We did notice a bit of server lag on the desktop version at times, so during peak playing times it can get a bit frustrating. If you would like to learn a bit more about Diep.io there’s a reddit thread you can follow.

Diep.io is available to download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Buyer beware, there are numerous copycat apps available. The version we reviewed is a free download as well as ad free.

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    Nicely written! Although I’ve never played the ios version of diep.io, but assuming it to be almost same as the PC version, there are tons of more strategies to beat others and reach the top. My personal favourite is Sprayer, with maxed out bullet speed, damage, penetration and reload (in team dm, specifically).

    • Thanks for your feedback! You’re correct, there are tons of ways to destroy your enemies on these PvP style strategy games. These were a few of my favorites and it sounds like I should adopt one of your strategies too. It sounds pretty good!!

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