3 Amazing Reasons TextKraft Pro Rocks on Docs

textkraft proGetting excited about professional writing apps is usually pretty difficult. I’m a huge Apple fan but when it comes to document creation applications, there are already amazing applications out there to use. Until experiencing TextKraft Pro, I never would’ve thought about shaking up the way I create and share my documents and notes.

Shaking Up Word Processing

Microsoft Office has always been my go-to word processing software and probably always will be when collaborating with others since it’s universally used. Evernote is my go-to application to create articles and share notes across all my iOS devices. Now armed with TextKraftPro I can bring together numerous documents from many different applications and have them all in one place during the creative process.

When I write my reviews, tips and tricks for iOS devices, etc., I collect data and research and store it in one place. If I’m using Office, I can have multiple documents open and I’ll switch between the two pulling the most vital information from these documents. In most cases, I’m writing the final product in Evernote which is then transferred online in html format. Switching between applications can be a little difficult at times and now thanks to split screen on iOS and OS X it’s a lot easier but you do lose some screen real estate. There’s a better way to do this and it’s all thanks to TextKraft Pro!

Now when I’m ready to start the creative process I bring everything I need right into TextKraft Pro. I can arrange the order of all my documents and swipe between them without having to switch between different applications or screens. Everything is all in one place and situated in just one application. Those of you familiar with swiping through desktops on your Mac are familiar with this concept on the iPad with TextKraft Pro.

Amazing Functions in TextKraft Pro

So what else is great about TextKraft Pro? Quite a bit actually. Toolbar functions are amazing in this productivity application. Editing and adding items via toolbars is a breeze with undo and redo buttons, special characters are easily accessible, highlight, italicizes, strike through, select sentences or words, and quickly move the cursor all via special toolbars.

Previously I’ve tried writing only from my iPad and had a difficult time navigating around documents but TextKraft Pro allows you to jump around as if you’re working on a desktop computer with Microsoft Word or Pages with perfectly designed toolbars and features!

One of my favorite features in TextKraft Pro is search and smart replace. This function comes in handy since a lot of application names don’t follow traditional spelling. Take TextKraft Pro for example; normally it should be spelled Text Craft Pro. Instead, developers combined two words and altered the beginning of the word craft with a K. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to correct auto correct to get the correct incorrect spelling of an application name. Now when I use TextKraft Pro I can simply keep working regardless of how autocorrect attempts to “help” me and execute a smart search and replace for the application name when I’m done with my review and I only have to do it once. This saves me time and tons of frustration.

Users enjoy direct access to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Evernote, BOX, and local storage. Whether you’re importing or exporting documents to these accounts, TextKraft Pro gives you quick and easy access to your most coveted cloud based storage.

If you’re iPad is capable of using split screen, TextKraft Pro is capable of utilizing this iOS 9 feature. Sometimes you need to do a little more research online and you’re able to use split screen mode. This lets you view vital information and type side-by-side in TextKraft Pro. Not all applications are split screen capable yet, which can be frustrating if you’ve gotten used to using it.

Secure Documents with TextKraft Pro

Passcode lock with Touch ID is another wonderful feature you’ll enjoy with this amazing productivity application. Your documents are safe and secure and Infovole is committed to data projection and privacy laws. This means your documents are not accessible to third parties or any developers.

There is so much more I could tell you about TextKraft Pro but I’m not entirely sure you’d understand just how amazing this application is until you jump and experience it for yourself. With so much to enjoy you really have to poke around to grasp the amount of depth this application has. I’m thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail in TextKraft Pro.

When it comes to typing on my iPad, I use a ClamCase Pro. It makes my iPad feel like a MacBook Air and I’ve even caught myself trying to use a trackpad, which isn’t present on the ClamCase. If you plan on using your iPad to create large text documents, I’d highly suggest purchasing a ClamCase. I purchased mine through Amazon and have been extremely happy with it and it works seamlessly with TextKraft Pro and allows you to enjoy writing that much more.

TextKraft Pro is available for $7.99 in the App Store for your iPad. Its current list price is $8.00 off so make sure and grab this superb productivity application before the price goes up, you’ll thank yourself later.

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