How to Protect Your 2016 Presidential Candidate

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Just when you thought the 2016 presidential election couldn’t get any funnier, the App Store strikes. Urthworx, a leading creator of impact entertainment, released Candidate CrunchCandidate Crunch is a wacky and comical app which seeks to mobilize voters through the massively popular platform of mobile gaming.

This presidential election seems completely unpredictable so introducing a irreverent and nonpartisan app seemed completely logical.

How do you play? Good question, your job is to protect the highly qualified and vilified candidates from hilariously absurd objects falling from the sky—donkeys, elephants, the Statue of Liberty, the Roswell UFO, and, yes, the kitchen sink too.

Candidate Crunch is hilariously fun, but it serves two purposes: entertainment and voter engagement. Throughout the app players have access to easy-to-use civic engagement tools, including online voter registration, polling place locator and an interactive forum to learn about candidates and their position on different policies.

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Chief Impact Officer of Urthworx and the game’s Producer/Creative Director Michael Fox feels “gaming is a powerful untapped tool to foster social change.” Seeing how more Americans are playing games on their mobile devices than voting in elections, Fox decided to see if “an entertaining mobile game can drive meaningful engagement.”

It’s a novel idea to help get out the vote and Candidate Crunch is being launched in partnership with and Rock the Vote. Being supported by is quite the pat on the back for Candidate Crunch since it’s one of the largest organizations in the world with 5.3 million members of young people seeking social change.

Candidate Crunch is a truly unique application in the App Store! The civic engagement elements it posses is fantastic to inform young and upcoming voters on how to voice their political opinions while learning about a candidates policy stance.

This presidential election year has been anything but ordinary so I’m not surprised an app like Candidate Crunch has found its way into the App Store. While I’m hesitant to say it’ll accomplish all it has set out to do, I really hope it engages the younger generation to get involved in the political process.

Candidate Crunch is a free download in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There are in-app purchases available to enhance your overall experience.

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