‘1Button’ Enjoys the Spotlight Again with Another Featured App of the Week [News]

Quetzalcoal_icon_big_roundedOur good friends over at 1Button recently discovered their app Quetzalcoatl is featured as the App of the Week in the App Store. Instead of setting you back $1.99, you can now download this challenging puzzle game for free until May 21st.

You’ll enjoy 180 handmade levels in Quetzalcoatl which will test your problem solving and critical thinking skills. The object of the game, as you’ll see in the video below, is to move colored snakes in order to match them with the corresponding color on the grid underneath.

Levels get progressively harder and will eventually have you scratching your head wondering if there actually is a solution to the level you’re on—or is this just me?!

In September of 2014, 1Button had another one of their apps, Bicolor, featured as the Free App of the Week program and enjoyed nearly 2 million downloads. 1Button is one of the many amazing independent studios we cover here at iOS Etc. If this is your first run in with them, grab a comfy chair, their games are jammed full of challenges and will keep you entertained for hours!

If you didn’t grab Bicolor when it was free, don’t miss out on your chance to get Quetzalcoatl for free. Don’t stop with Quetzalcaotl though and be sure to check out our coverage on Mr. Jump and Bicolor.

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